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Seven Ways to Get More Leads!

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One, your warm market…Your warm market, so long as you don’t care if they sign up or not. That’s what’s important. Your warm market. I’m telling you, when I was dead broke, in personal foreclosure, bill collectors calling me, I needed to make money. I needed to get out of that space or I was going to lose my mind. I went through, and I called a lot of my warm market. I don’t think anyone on the planet has called their entire warm market, but I called them. I just wasn’t addicted to the idea that they had to join or not. I was just seeing if they were open. I’d call them, and I’d say, “Hey, I’m doing this thing. If you’re open to it, great. If not, no big deal. I’m going to rock it with or without you. I’d love to do it with you. If you want to check it out, great. If not, we’ll mosey on.”

Warm market. That is probably the most under-utilized source of leads that anyone ever has. Look through your phone, scroll to the very bottom, see the number of contacts in that phone, and ask yourself, “Have I reached out to all those contacts?” Let me answer it for you. No you haven’t. I would say that is one of the seven best ways to generate leads, but let’s keep going.

Now, there’s something we teach called differentiation, and that is how to approach warm market, depending on how they see you. If they see you, and they turn and run the other way, if they see you, and they’re like, “Oh, man, here comes that shuckster.” If they see you as someone that has hounded them for MLMs for the last 11 years, and you’re in a new one every four weeks, then you are unable to lead with the opportunity. You’ve got to lead with the product.

The way that you would approach that warm market, is you would say, “Hey, I’m doing a new business. I know the business isn’t a fit for you in any way, shape, or form, but you might like the product.” They probably haven’t heard that approach, so they’ll be more open to taking a look. That would be number one.

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Number two. Shoot educational videos and post them on Facebook. The easiest thing that you can do on coming up with content for videos, is what we call ILT. Invest, learn, teach. You invest your time and possibly money to learn something, then you teach it. The next event you go to, the next webinar you attend, the next course you purchase, the next book that you’re reading, look for things that you can share via videos on your social media channel. When you share them, there’s a four-step formula. Junie, you’re hitting me hard, I’m hitting you hard right back. Four step formula. That is intro, question, content, call to action.

Intro: “Hi, my name is Junie.” Question: “Do you ever struggle with getting leads?” Content: “Well, here’s seven ways to get leads that I just learned from this Periscope from this crazy guy in an American shirt, and here they are.” Call to action: “Hey, if you like these kind of tips, feel free to reach out to me, private message me, and I’d love to see if I can help you in your business.”

That would be number two. Shooting educational videos and posting them on Facebook.

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Networking Meetings

Number three, networking meetings. I love, especially when I was just getting started, or I really needed leads, I loved going to networking meetings. You can find most networking meetings, depending on what country you’re in, you can find most networking meetings by going to, and just look and see. Is there chamber events? Is there business events? Is there meditation events? Law of attraction events? Real estate events? Whatever.

Go to these networking meetings. See, I’m not only giving you seven ways, I’m telling you how to actually use these seven ways. Number three would be networking meetings. Go to these networking meetings, and put on your listening ears, like Judge Judy says, and just listen to people. Grab as many business cards as possible. Try your best not to pitch your company, and not to pitch your business or opportunity, and then when you get home, the next day, call those leads, and say, “Hey, it was such a pleasure meeting you at the networking meeting. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you fully, but I see that you’re in real estate. I’m just curious, would you be at all open to a side project that didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

The reason that that works, is nobody follows up. Everyone goes to networking meetings, and they’re high fiving, and shaking hands and stuff, but they’re way too lazy to actually follow up. When you follow up, it stands out. They’re like, “Whoa. We got a professional on our hands. Look out.” People are blown away by that. That would be number three.

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The Power of Facebook Live

Number four, I would say Facebook Live right now. Facebook Live is red hot, and let me share with you some good stuff. Doing Facebook Lives, and I know that’s really similar to videos, but specifically using Facebook Live, very, very powerful. That’s something that you can do on Facebook, if you don’t know. Has to be run from your smartphone, although I believe there’s now a tool that you can run it from your computer. Most people run it off their smartphone. Just do very similar to what I suggested in the videos. Just do a live video of you sharing something, and one of the important phrases to keep in mind when it comes to social media, is take people on your journey. If you’re going to events, shoot a Facebook Live before the event starts, or right after the event, sharing your notes. Things like that. That would be number four. Do a call to action. Say, “Hey guys, feel free to reach out to me.” Bada bing. That would be number four.

The Surprising Power of OFFLINE Attraction Marketing

Number five. This is what I call offline attraction marketing. Offline attraction marketing. Step one: Determine who is it that you want to attract. If you want to attract realtors, real estate investors, network marketers, stay at home moms, whatever. Whoever you want to attract, that’s up to you. There is no perfect, “This is the only person you should try to attract.” Whoever you’re trying to attract, think to yourself, “What is it that they struggle with? What is it that they desire? What’s a problem we can help them solve?”

Let’s say that I wanted to attract and connect with realtors. I’m just going to think, “What do realtors want?” Realtors want listings. They want buyers. They want better branding. They want how to close more deals. They want marketing. Maybe, and guys, I could do this next week. I assure you, we could fill up the room with people that don’t even know me. Maybe I go to different restaurants in my area, and I say, “Hey, what’s your slowest day?” They say, “Well, it’s Tuesday.” I say, “Perfect. I want your back room. I’m going to do my best to pack this back room, and people will pay for their own lunch, and we’ll make it happen on your slowest day. You excited about that?” The restaurant owner says, “Absolutely.” Then, I’ll tell the restaurant owner, I’m like, “You know what, here’s what I’ll be presenting. Hey, it may be a fit for you.” I have recruited restaurant owners that way. Pretty cool.

I’m going to do an event, I’m going to post it on Craigslist. I’m going to create an event on Facebook. Doesn’t work very well, events on Facebook, but why not? You’re going to do it anyway. I’m going to do some Periscopes, I’m going to do some Facebook Lives, and I’m going to tag, I’m going to put in the location of where I’m doing it. “Hey guys, next Thursday, I’m doing this event.” I’m going to call it, “Six Ways to Locate More Buyers as a Realtor.” I’m going to put together a presentation, sharing social media strategies and internet marketing strategies, and at the very end, I’m going to have a call to action of working with me, or buying whatever it is that I’m wanting to sell.

I would say that would be number five. Now, that one’s a little bit more work, but I’ll tell you, if you do that, really, really powerful for you to connect with some local people. Also, a suggestion would be to record it. Get it recorded. This is a huge mistake. I did hundreds of these local meetings, and didn’t record them. Wish I had them, because that’s something that you can record, and then you can offer as a giveaway.

For a Full Blown walk through of Offline attraction Marketing to Get More Leads, watch this (video takes a second to load)

Number six would be to get yourself or pay someone to develop a capture page for you that you use in all your content, which you can get done for … Nowadays you can get capture pages done for like $20, or you can do them yourself. Really, really simple one is, if you want to learn how to build your own in a very simple environment, check out ClickFunnels. That one is, in our opinion is the easiest one for people to walk through, and it walks you step by step through, and their support is amazing. You can actually call them and they’ll help you out. Super cool. It was developed by my buddy, Russell Brunson. Super, super awesome guy. I believe I’m at number six, right? That would be number six.

Waiters and Waitresses

Number seven, I would say waiters and waitresses. Most of your team, and perhaps you, go out to eat from time to time. Here’s the strategy for waiters and waitresses. If I’m sitting there, and they’re pleasant … If they’re not pleasant, I’m not talking to them, as far as prospect them. I’ll still talk to them, but I’m not going to prospect them. If they’re pleasant, they’re good at their job, they have a great attitude, a great energy, then I may ask them, I say, “You know what? You did an amazing job. I know you’re working and I don’t want to take up your time, but, hey, listen. I don’t know if you’re open or not, but I’m actually always looking for people just like you to help make some extra money without interfering with what it is that you’re doing here at the restaurant. If you would like, give me your information. I promise you I’ll follow up. Again, I don’t want to get you in trouble. I know you’re working and everything, but if you’d like to give me your information, I promise you I’ll follow up, and we’ll see if it’s a fit for you.”

I’ve never done that and not gotten a lead. Never. Not one time. If you want to step it up a little bit better, after they give you their information, it’ll freak them out at first, say, “Hey, do you mind? Who’s your manager? Can I talk to your manager?” They’ll freak out a little bit. They’ll be like, “Oh, crap. Was this a test? Is he, like, a mystery shopper?” They’re a little worried, concerned. They go get their manager, and they’re like, “Yeah, this is him.” You go to the manager, you just say, “Hey, I just want to let you know, this person did an excellent job. They were absolutely amazing. Clearly that’s a reflection of your management style, so kudos to you. Just want to give a big shout out to this person.”

Whew! Was that helpful? In the video you will see me expand on several of these, IF you feel this might help some people, feel free to share it!

Comment below on what idea was your favorite or if you have other ideas to get more leads!

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