mlm scriptsWant to talk to your warm market about your network marketing company but wish you knew what to say?

Today you will see and hear my best MLM scripts for warm market and how to approach them.

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MLM Scripts for your Warm Market

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Here’s the number one thing that needs to be taught about warm market, and that is differentiation. I remember going to a company meeting few years ago and this guy gets up on stage and he says “I recruited the first sixty people I talked to, and here’s what I said.” Everyone, I mean everyone is breaking their necks trying to, “Oh, my God. Magic MLM scripts!”

Because they think that the script is what did it. The script is not what did it. What allowed that person, who is a major trainer, amazing trainer to recruit the first sixty people he talked to is the life he led before he joined. That’s why. That’s what happened.

He had influence, He had authority. He had respect. He had rapport. If you take his magical MLM scripts and you go to your warm market, and you attempt to do what he just taught you and you don’t have respect, you don’t have rapport, you’re not looked up to, you’re not an influencer, you don’t have authority, it isn’t going to work. That’s what you have to understand. Part of being a good warm market recruiter is to recognize where you are. If you don’t have respect, authority, credibility, whatever else, influence, that’s okay. You can still recruit warm market. Heads-up, you’re not going to recruit your first sixty, probably.

In the below video I share some MLM scripts for you even if your warm market does NOT believe in you or think you are awesome or heck barely even like you. IF you aren’t getting the type of MLM recruiting results with your warm market that you would like, the below video sharing my best MLM scripts will certainly help.

Was that helpful? Did it make sense why you approach people based on where they are and using differentiation? Drop me a comment if you got value and feel free to share this.

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