new MLMRecently join a new MLM and just not sure how to approach your warm market that saw you in that “last one”?

This will help you and provide you with the tools to easily bring up your new MLM.

{Event} The Prospecting and Recruiting Summit

Our biggest event of the year is September 16-18th and we are calling it the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit. This event will share with you how to better prospect and recruit more people into your network marketing team using social media as well as all other forms of prospecting and recruiting. We have not announced the full details of the speakers just yet but they already include recruiting machines such as Brian Carruthers, Cedrick Harris, Amani Zein, Jessica Higdon, Cesar Rodriguez, John Melton, Diane Hochman and more. It is being held at the Sanibel Harbor Resort in Ft Myers, Florida. We start at 9am on Friday and end at 4pm on Sunday. Hope to see you there! To grab your tickets, click here

New MLM Awkwardness: What Happened to the Last One??

If you have been in a network marketing company before and are now in a new MLM and hesitant on what to say to your warm market…I understand and have been in your shoes.

You see, before I became the number one earner in a company I had failed in 11 different companies…in a three year period!

My warm market got to hear about my new MLM three times more often than they got invited to my birthday party! Now, switching companies that often simply isn’t healthy and indicates you may be looking for something outside of you to create success (like I was) but how DO  you approach your warm market with a new MLM IF you have already approached them with your last one?

Today’s video will share just that and you will get my best advice on exactly what to say. This will help prevent you from burning your warm market out AND will increase your chances they they will express interest in what you are doing.

Here are some more resources to help you and your journey, feel free to share with those in your team to help them out too

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MLM Scripts for your Warm Market

Warm Market and Social Media Recruiting

Here’s Today’s Video!

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