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How to Reset After Taking a Network Marketing Break

How do you hit the reset button after you take a break from your business? Here I share exactly how to restart and get major results. How to Reset After Taking a Network Marketing Break Very common scenario. Let me tell you, it is few and far between that people just like, "I started my business. I showed up every single day and I was consistent « Continue »

The Art of Prospecting Successful People

Do you want to recruit up? Here I share the importance of recruiting successful people and exactly how to do it. The Art of Prospecting Successful People How do I reach out to successful people? Now, this could be successful people that you know or successful people that you do not know. 1. Having a Bigger Vision Most people, they join a network « Continue »

New Podcast: Meet The Higdons

My wife, Jessica and I have launched a NEW Podcast! Meet The Higdons. In this podcast we our focus is all around Money, Marriage and Meaning. We navigate the challenges of marriage, money & meaning so you can have the best partnership & life possible! Every Monday morning, we release a new episode! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss « Continue »