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Today she shares some of her best strategies for using social media for recruiting.

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Social Media Recruiting your Warm Market – By Jessica Higdon

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about different strategies on social media prospecting and there were two specific questions that I really wanted to address. I thought this deserves a special blog. Those of you who do submit your questions to me or shoot me a message on Facebook I really appreciate it because it gives me ideas to help you become better at social media recruiting, so again I deeply appreciate it.

Those questions were: Number One, “How do I approach my warm market on Facebook?” And Number Two, “how to I approach someone that I kind of know but I haven’t seen in a long time or they are just kind of a Facebook friend and I’ve talked to them before, but I’m just not really sure how to approach them now through social media as well.” Those two questions  have very, very similar answers.

The way I like to approach that situation is to make it so your prospect doesn’t feel like you’re not coming off as “fake”, if you know what I mean. Whether you’re talking to them over the phone, or talking to them face to face or even on social media, they can sense when you’re being fake and you’re not really genuine. They know when you don’t really give a crap how they’re feeling or what’s been going on in their life and you just want to make a sale.

So don’t come across as the person who’s “just trying to see what’s up” and then all of a sudden go in for the pitch. That’s the wrong way to approach it. The way that I like to approach it, and this is how you can do it online or offline, is to simply come to them and establish the connection. You first want to make sure they are active on social media, so just say:

“Hey, I haven’t talked to you in a while, how are you doing?”  Just to make sure they respond, that they’re active, that you know that they will actually engage with you, so that’s number one.

Step two is to go into what I like to call the elephant in the room. It’s when you know that it’s kind of awkward because you haven’t talked to them in a long time but, you still want to get your pitch in and you still want to ask them if this is something that they’d be open to. The way to do that is to just straight up ask and not BS them, not be fake. Most people do this wrong and try and beat around the bush. Don’t do that.

I like to say: “Okay awesome, I should be honest with you, the reason why I reached out to you is not to catch up. I know that we haven’t caught up in a long time and we should do that at some point but I remember you being super sharp (or I remember you being super outgoing or I remember that you loved selling or whatever compliment you can give them that relates to your business and why you’re specifically reaching out to them).” That’s very, very important, so make sure to tell them why you’re reaching out to them and compliment them in some fashion. “I remember you being XYZ and something came across my lap, I’m working on a side project. I’d love to see if you have any openness to it, if it wouldn’t interfere with what you’re already doing, and what you’ve got going on in your life. I think it’d be perfect for you, if you’d like to take a look, great and we can set up a time, if not no big deal.”

Very, very simple, you’re getting to the point, just point out the elephant in the room. “Say listen, I’m not here to catch up with you, I know that we need to do that at some point, but this is why I’m really reaching out to you.” They’ll appreciate that, they’ll commend you for that, and will most likely respond positively, even if it’s a no. If it’s a no, that’s totally okay, you can at least come back to them because you didn’t burn them out.

Using Social Media for Recruiting LOCAL Warm Market

Now, for warm market, if they’re local I would definitely try to meet up with them. I talk about this a lot in my social media recruiting training. If they’re local you definitely want to try to meet up with them, get face to face. It’s always easier to close face to face that it is when you’re talking through social media, or at bare minimum get them on the phone. Whether they are local or long distance, get these people on the phone, so you can introduce the concept to them, pick a specific time that you want to get them in front of the video and go from there. It’s very, very simple, leverage the tools, but make sure you’re getting them on some type of platform other than social media so you can really increase your closing ratio, a.k.a the phone, face to face, etc.

IF you follow these suggestions for social media lead generation you should be able to get faster results than just spending forever building rapport only to them view all of that effort as fake once you DO get to the pitch.

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