The Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint

You'll Never Worry About Generating Leads Again When You Discover This Simple Cold Market System That Will Skyrocket Your Sign-Ups!

Dear Friend & Frustrated Networker,

Are you struggling to find people to talk to about your business?

Have you approached everyone in your warm market one too many times?

Maybe finding people to talk to isn't a problem, but you simply don't have enough of them to run some serious numbers.

You know, I knew a guy once who was struggling to find people to talk to about his business.  He'd recently read a popular (and really good) book about getting 20 people to say "No" to him daily.

So, he'd get up in the morning, put 20 small stones in his left pocket, get into his car and spend the rest of the day going out to coffee shops, to the mall, to the airport…you name it!  He went around all day collecting those "No's" and for every "No" he got, he'd move one stone from the left pocket to the right.

He was getting a lot of "No's", but the humiliating part was he was hardly getting ANY "Yes's" either!

I'm sure you can fast forward and see how this story ends.  The guy ended up quitting after about a month of this humiliation and decided he'd never do network marketing again.

The sad part about this story is that it never had to happen in the first place!

You see, I firmly believe that your biggest profit producing activity in network marketing is recruiting.

That's right, you heard me correctly.  It's not lead generation.  It's not "personal branding".  And it's not having a ton of "Likes" on social media.

Hand's down, your biggest profit producing activity in network marketing is recruiting.

You can be an absolute star at lead generation, but if you don't know how to close a prospect then you're going to do 10 times the work of someone who does. 

In order to be a star at recruiting, you've got to know how to close your prospect & get them to watch a presentation, get them to pick up the phone when you follow up, get them to sign up in your business, and get them to start working the business.

The person who knows how to take a prospect through this funnel and close them at each decision point needs far less leads than someone who doesn't.

When you are a master recruiter, working "through the numbers" becomes fun because you hear a lot more people say "Yes" than "No".

Introducing the Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint

I'd like to share with you not one, but four solid blueprints for recruiting in all areas of the cold market.  I've learned throughout my years recruiting people into my primary business that several different approaches are effective, but some approaches don't work for specific types of cold market prospects.

In this series of videos (over 3 solid hours of training!) I'm going to share with you…

  • What to say to each type of cold market prospect
  • How your tone effects whether they'll say yes or no
  • My follow-up systems for both short term and long term follow-up
  • 3 things you should always do to prevent you from saying too much
  • And so much more!

You're going to become a "super recruiter" when you master these 4 areas of the cold market:

Module 1:  Networking Meetings Blueprint

In this module, you'll learn my complete system for recruiting people by attending networking meetings.  I give you complete scripts for speaking with live prospects, how to follow up, and the #1 thing you want to prevent when working with a cold prospect you've met at a networking meeting.

Module 2:  Realtors Blueprint

You're going to learn my simple "BIC" technique and how to use it properly so you can rely on your tools to do the explaining.  I'll also share with you several of the best ways to approach a busy realtor without their red flags popping up all over the place.  Plus, you'll learn a simple technique for using stories to quickly overcome objections right from the start.

Module 3:  Restaurants Blueprint

One of the best places to meet new prospects is when you're out at a restaurant.  These people get approached a lot, so it's important that you understand exactly how to prospect them without coming off as fake or pushy.  I'll show you some scenarios for prospecting both the wait staff and also the owner of a restaurant.

Module 4:  Social Media Blueprint

I bring out the big gun in this module!  My wife, and social media rock star, Jessica Higdon is leading this module.  She's going to show you some simple ways to seek out cold prospects on several social media networks as well as some good rapport building questions you should ask right from the start.  Plus, she shares her simple "4 Part Rapport Formula" that will help you from beginning to the end so you can quickly close new prospects you've met online.

See what other networkers who attended had to say:

This was fantastic! Incredible value for the money! I learned SO much; and many, many of my questions and ponderings were answered and explained. This has GREATLY increased my confidence in my abilities; definitely feel more that I do/will know what I am doing/trying to accomplish! This has been a VERY important step on my goal path, and I want to send a million thank-you's your way for the help, advice, explanations, and challenges you have provided. I am looking forward eagerly to the next opportunity to join you on a Webinar!

-Colleen Belsey

So many things. The follow up system/scripts is huge. I am fairly consistent in getting people to look at tools but my follow ups are weak. I'll improve with this new knowledge.

-Joe Brown

Loved the restaurant bit and going to use it. Also how to say certain things when calling with tonality. All of it was gold really

-Michael Morra

Thanks Ray and Jess for an amazing Webinar Tonight - I look forward to having better, more productive, conversations with the people I prospect on a daily basis.
I plan to practice the Blueprints, posture-up and get recruiting! You guys rock!

-Scott McAvoy

The Cold Market Blue Print webinar was full of great information. A MUST in our tool box! I love the role play exercise you did, very useful to learn and hear how to say things. Love the straight talk and the FB / Tweeter component Jessica did. Thank you guys.

-Belle Plancy

You'll become a cold market recruiting machine when you discover…

  • My "Get Paid to Get Experienced" concept – (This is something I did that helped me literally become a closing machine…this is a no cost strategy!)
  • How to Follow-Up with a cold lead & exactly what to say based on where you located the prospect (believe me, it makes a HUGE difference!)
  • My three favorite sources of cold market leads
  • What to say when you're face-to-face with a prospect & also what to say to leads you talk to over the phone…I'll give you some of my very best scripts that work every time.
  • How to stay in touch with your leads in a persuasive way
  • How to increase your chances of closing someone upon first exposure
  • Where to buy reliable leads (you might really be surprised at this one)
  • Help with statistics, prospecting numbers & having realistic expectations
  • How to deal with old leads (and still convert them)
  • Power closing phrases that I use all the time
  • Creating a winning game plan for cold market that you can teach to your team for massive duplication.

Ray Higdon's Cold Market Webinar training is a first step for anyone in the network marketing business new or seasoned. His step by step dialogue is what everyone is always looking for. Ray's honesty about this business is refreshing. The tools provided in this webinar go above and beyond what was expected. The beautiful thing is that so much of this can be applied to your warm market. The practice of showing energy, always being busy, and staying silent will soar your business. A cold market social media angle as well, are you kidding me? This was definitely in my top 5 trainings of all time by anyone. Thank you Ray.

-Allyson Monson

Quite an amazing training - really glad I saw the reminder and registered just before you started - you and Jessica certainly give more than is expected

-Ellen Seftel Reach

The cold market training was a breath of fresh air...I have been waiting months for someone to teach I reflect a lot of gigs online lure you in saying "try this out, no recruiting, no talking to people, get leads get traffic" the problem is that is NOT can have over 5000 emails and have no clue what to say...instead the trainings lead you to believe you are the issue and suggest you buy more training BUT I HAVE YET TO SEE what the Higdons teach...THE SUCCESSFUL TALK TO PEOPLE THEY it's such a revelation to see how so many are getting bamboozled at the lure of having to do less(that was me) and the cost of ending up with less..I mean it's great marketing cause like ray said most network marketers are part time and want to believe in these nicely wrapped packages..ok said that to say FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I AM SO GRATEFUL TO YOU RAY AND JESSICA for being honest and bold enough to tell us THE TRUTH. I HAVE literally been scared to pick the phone up but I know as I face my fear greatness is emerging..thank you guys.

-Michelle Flowers

You'll receive instant access to the entire Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint

You'll receive 3 video modules that total 3 solid hours of power packed training.  I pull out all the stops here and give you every tip, tactic, and script that has worked for me and many other top earners I've coached when working with cold market prospects.

Whether you're working with purchased leads, prospects you generated through online advertising or just someone you met in line at your local Starbucks, you're going to leave this 3 hour training feeling totally confident and prepared.  You'll never be at a loss for words again!

You'll also receive a downloadble MP3 file so you can take this training with you on the go! 

Listen, we all know that the best way to learn and retain new training is to listen to it over and over again.  Now you'll be able to listen to it in the car, while you're exercising, and anytime it's convenient for you.  This makes it incredibly easy to practice your new prospecting skills!

And, as a special bonus, I'm also providing you with the full transcripts of the event.  These transcripts have been edited and formatted for easy reading and note taking.  Whether you're a visual or audio learner, all your bases are covered.

For your easy $97 investment, you'll have unlimited access to the 3 hours of training videos, MP3 audio and full eBook!

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30-Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

I know you're going to be completely blown away by the value you're going to receive. However, if you purchase this product and if you're not 100% satisfied with the value you've received, simply contact me and let me know. I'll be more than happy to refund your investment.

This system makes it incredibly easy to close prospects AND it's simple enough that you can quickly teach others on your team.  This will take your recruiting efforts to the max!

Take action now and invest in creating a solid blueprint for you & your team to totally dominate cold market recruiting!

To Your Recruiting Success,

Ray Higdon

I absolutely loved the part of the #1 call, #2 call, mostly #3 call but ultimately future calls. Awesome webinar.

-Marie-Anne Hisem

Great training Ray and Jessica!! thx for waaayyyy over delivering!!

-Elizabeth Mallory Oliva

Incredible training Ray and Jessica! The value was top notch

-Andre V. Page

This was packed with value tonight, awesome Ray Higdon. Thank you!!!

-Tara Lynne Cubicciotti Stiehl

Ray, you knocked it out of the park... tons of notes that I will apply, so grateful for tonight's webinar.

-Monica Delgado