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The Mistake that Cost me a LOT of Money

When people ask me what is one thing I would do differently in my career if I had to start over, there is one clear answer. Today I will share that answer and I hope that it helps you get to YOUR goals faster and easier. No Regrets! I don't have any regrets but there is one major thing I would do differently. I am super grateful to have made all the mistakes I made along the way: - Failing in « Continue »

The Real Keys to Getting your Network Marketing Team to Grow

Are you a little frustrated with the growth of your Network Marketing Team? This post will share some true tips to growing your team larger, feel free to share! Had a Blast at the Platinum Edge Conference! Yesterday my wife and I spoke at the Platinum Edge conference for John and Christine Dwyer. Christine is the number one earner in Beachbody and she had a great crowd and some all-star speakers « Continue »

Did Gary Vaynerchuk Really Say this about Network Marketing?

It's honestly strange I feel the need to do this blog post but it needs to be done and why not me? There is STILL a massive ignorance about the Network Marketing profession and I hope this helps. Why This Blog Post? My wife and I are coaches and trainers for the network marketing profession. We are former number one income earners and now coach and train the profession as a whole and also « Continue »