How to Build Local MLM Teams
Using Offline Attraction Marketing

The best duplication and retention comes from local MLM teams. Online marketers know this but they try as they might to lure you into buying their ebooks and webinars promising of magical push button solutions that will have you never pick up the phone or attend a meeting again. This blog is a twist on the traditional offline building model. Welcome to my offline attraction marketing blueprint.

Ever heard “No one comes to my meetings when building Local MLM Teams”?

That is because they know they are a pitch. They know you are going to try to get them into the latest network marketing business opportunity. But, what if you gave them a reason to come? What if you did something to help them vs pitch them? This, is offline attraction marketing. Guess what? This works exactly like online attraction marketing but maybe even better as if you really want to build an MLM, you want local builders and people that will run and attend meetings.

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