larry benetMy friend Larry Benet is one of the best connectors I have ever met, in fact, Forbes ranks him as one of the top networking professionals in the world.

Today he shares how to build a million dollar only 15 minutes a day!

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About Larry Benet

According to Forbes Magazine Larry Benet is one of the top networking experts in the world.  He is the Co-Founder and Chief Connector of SANG, where some of the world’s top thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup For the Soul, Mari Smith, Paula Abdul, to Darren Hardy Publisher of Success Magazine share best practices with each other.

His goal is to help 1 million people to focus on giving value first as it is a better approach to building business and relationships.  According to GAllop the number one predictor of your career success is the QUALITY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

Through his connections, his outside-the-box ideas, and his own money, his goal is to end homeless in the U.S.A. and help the military vets transition back into the work force after they return from active duty.

He is the author of the upcoming book, Connection Currency: How to Get What You Want Faster than You have Ever Thought Possible and today he shares his wisdom on how, by being a better networker, you can build a Million dollar business in only 15 minutes per day.

Million Dollar Business in Only 15 Minutes Per Day?

Some Quick Takeaways from this Interview:

– Larry shares the number one mistake most people make when attempting to grow their network
– He shares the number one thing even good networkers struggle with and how to overcome it
– and he powerfully answers this questions from me: “How can someone in only 15 minutes a day, that is shy, introverted, no network, how can they build a million-dollar rolodex?”

How powerful was that? Be sure to share this around to help others improve their game and drop a Thanks to Larry for the interview below in the comments if you got value!

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