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MLM Books: Beach Money by Jordan Adler Review

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Beach Money author, Jordan Adler, at a conference in Vegas and he gave us a copy of his book. This blog is a quick review.

Beach Money Is Possible!

There have been a lot of names for residual income; passive income, mailbox money or beach money, they all mean the same, money that comes in whether you work that day or not. It is the dream of not just the network marketer but anyone on the planet would love to have money coming in regardless of how hard they worked. Beach money means getting paid over and over again for working one time. This is quite contrary to the corporate world where you swap dollars for hours.

Jordan Adler explains that anytime you go against the ordinary, or, attempt to create beach money, you will be met with opposition. People told him (and also told me) the following:

“You’ll never make any money at that”
“I can’t believe you paid money to get into that”
“Why don’t you just get a real job”
“Those things are all scams!”
“Sounds like one of those pyramids!”

Be sure to comment below if you have any (or all of those ridiculous statements). The fact is, Jordan Adler has been making over $100,000 per month for the last 4 years of his life. And no, he doesn’t work a million hours a work, he barely works at all.

The 12 Beach Money Strategies

Note: These are the 12 rules from Jordan’s book but I add my spin to them.

1. Focus on distribution versus sales. It is more important to focus on helping other people make sales and having a duplicatible way to do so than YOU to focus on driving all the sales. Being the only one making sales is pretty much like a sales job, Beach money shows up when you help many, many others make sales.

2. Focus on passive, nonlinear versus active linear income. This is the exact opposite of the corporate world where if you don’t show up, you don’t get paid. If you are working toward getting a better job or a promotion, you are going away from the beach money lifestyle.

3. Become the most well-connected person you know. Focus on constantly and consistently building relationships versus just make sales. Helping others, showing up at events and giving people referrals is a great way to do this.

4. Be sure your environment supports your cause. This will help out a lot of people. Surround yourself with people that have similar goals as you. This is best done by attending events for your company or outside events in the same profession. They say you are the average of your five closest friends, choose wisely.

5. Make Friends without an agenda. Boy do network marketers need to hear this. People are NOT turned off by network market-ing, they are turned off by network market-ers. Don’t be the person just trying to close someone, make friends!

6. Create memorable experiences for yourself and others. This carries even more leverage with the advent of social media. Understand that the “product” of network marketing is beach money or lifestyle not what physical thing you actually sell. Go on trips with your team and your family and be sure to take lots of pictures and even videos. You can see some of mine here: Fiji, New York, Vail, Jewel of the Seas, Hawaii, Chicago, Washington Dc, St Kitts, Cancun, and Atlantis.

More Beach Money Strategies

7. Invest in yourself and others. This is something that I have done often and that is invest in my education which allows me to teach my team. I have invested as much as $10,000 for ONE DAY of specialized training just so I can be the best version of me possible which allows me to train and teach my teammates and the people I sponsor.

8. Dream. One thing is common amongst the wealthy, they have big dreams, they talk about their dreams and they invest in themselves to learn more about how to accomplish their dreams.

9. Act and Adjust, don’t analyze. One of the very biggest problems in our industry is the propensity to wait until everything is perfect to actually start. Fail forward now. Start doing the things you know will impact your business NOW, don’t wait, there will never be a perfect time, like now.

10. Focus on your people skills more than your technical skills. I know people that are so smart with wordpress plugins, backlinking and advertising but when they get on the phone with someone, they totally miss the boat. Be an active listener, care about people and focus on what is in it for them. You may decide to pick up a copy of my recruiting webinar here, it’s only $20 and teaches you how to have more posture when talking with people.

11. Outsource as much as possible. Bookkeeping, housekeeping and landscaping are NOT things I enjoy doing…so I don’t! Take the things you don’t like to do and get someone else to do them for you. The only thing I would remind people about is I DON’T believe in outsourcing relationships and dealing with people.

12. Keep your message simple and consistent. The way to recruit new people into your organization should not solely consist of everyone doing one on one presentations. Use tools, teach opening lines and how to be good networkers and give your team a chance to duplicate your success!

Where to Get The Beach Money Book

The profits from the sale of Beach Money goes to a charity organization called Kiva. I love the message of Kiva as it is not just an organization giving handouts but actually gives out micro-loans to entrepreneurs all over the world. Teaching people how to fish rather than just handing it to them. You can help this cause and get your copy of Beach Money Here.

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