Whew, well, I just got back from St Kitts which is an island in the west indies. I was on a 5 day trip that I won by promoting a new home based business network marketing company that deals in silver and gold numismatic (or collectible) coins. I got to rub elbows with 170 other home based business network marketing people that have made millions in MLM and I learned a lot but also had a lot of fun. In case anyone plans on going to St Kitts anytime soon, here is a rundown of what my friend Brady and I did with the group and what I recommend.

We left Tampa International Airport on Wednesday and it took about 3 hours to get to St Kitts. This was a chartered flight, again, 170 of us, so on the plane there was a lot of drinking, some people were quite hilarious! We stayed at the Marriott on the island and it was a really nice place with beautiful scenery. That night we just hung out at the hotel bar and a few of us went down to the pool around 3am and got chased by security, good times!

The next day was awesome! We went down to a place called the sunset cafe where I shot these 3 videos:

Then, My friend Brady (who also won the contest) and I hit the gym then went snorkeling behind the hotel. Saw some awesome fish there and had fun.
Before we went snorkeling I did this video:

Then, we hit the pool and it got crazy! Almost all of the people that were on the trip were in the pool and they had a pool bar where our friend nicknamed JUICE started handing out mudslides and my friend Kevin, who was tired of having to wait for drinks, jumped behind the bar and started handing out drinks, it was hilarious! Had a great time with my friends JT and founders Jake and Chris and just had a blast. That night we went down to a place called the Shiggidy Shack (LOL) where Brady entered a limbo contest and came in second (the other guy beat him).

Then, Friday came and it was catamaran time! The entire group fit on 3 catamarans and we headed to Nevis which is an island next to St Kitts, went snorkeling, had lunch on the beach and then hit a crazy bar called Sunshines where they serve a drink called Killer Bees. I was warned about this drink but should have listened closer, this drink will hurt you, trust me. BEWARE OF THE KILLER BEE! Crazy dance party on the boat and then we headed back to the St Kitts Marriott where I crashed.

The next day Brady and I went hiking and hiked up two pretty big mountains that took about 2.5 hours. Great scenery, you can see some of the pics on my facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/rayhigdon)

Then we headed back to the states on Sunday. The ride back was much calmer than the ride there as everyone was whipped. Some of the people counting their winnings from the casino and others were licking their wounds. Some high roller who shall not be named had lost $250,000 the night before…guess if you have the money, that is not a big deal but that makes me cringe!

I am so thankful that I put aside what others had told me about home based business network marketing companies 2 and a half years ago and just put my faith in myself to do well. I have been on many paid trips due to having that faith and I am so happy to be working with my closest friends, building a business that is brand new and deals in silver and gold (which is one of the hottest worldwide trends right now) and if anyone wants to sit down with me and talk about my trip or how I can help them make money at home, you can email me at [email protected] or tweet me at Southwest Florida Twitter guy.

Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Twitter Guy

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