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My 4th of July Vacation to Washington DC

I just got back from my weekend vacation in Washington, DC, it was a blast! If you have not been to DC, you really should take a trip and check it out at least once. I shot some fun pictures and videos and you can see some of them below and the rest on my facebook. So here is my adventure with my girlfriend, Mom and my two sons!

We arrived on Friday and headed to the hotel. My good friend Jake told me about the Sofitel Hotel so we stayed there. Sofitel is right on 15th and H, great location, great food and a great hotel. I met some great people there and we had a blast. Here is a picture of the Sofitel, it really is nice.

After we unpacked we hit the pavement and went and saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. A bunch of other places too but those were the big ones. Washington has awesome architecture and is a great town. I shot my first video in one of our rooms in the hotel and you can watch it here:

Then, we walked over to the Lincoln Memorial where I shot this video:

Now Saturday was AWESOME as we spent the day in the Smithsonian. Check out the pics!

After the Smithsonian I met up with some leaders in my network marketing company that live in the area, had a great dinner then shot this video:

Now, Sunday, the 4th of July, Washington did a little something something with some fireworks and it rocked. Check out the Grand Finale here

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