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My Trip to New York

I had been wanting to take a trip to New York for a really long time. It would always shock people when I told them I had lived on the east coast my whole life but never been to New York. So, for a holiday treat for me and my immediate family, we took a trip to New York and it was awesome! Here I will share some of my suggestions, a recap and some cool pics and videos I took.

Trip to New York – Day 1

We arrived at La Guardia Friday, around 4pm and were excited to be there. This was also my kids first trip to New York and my girlfriends second. We grabbed a ride to our hotel, the Marriot Marquis right smack dab in the middle of Times Square, it was awesome. I really cannot put into words what it feels like there, you just have to experience it. Energizing, electric and the feeling that you are at the center of the universe.

After check in, we went up to the room where I took this picture from our hotel room, pretty cool huh? We were absolutely starving and were told Carmines was a good family place but they were all booked up so we went around the corner to a place called Bella Vita. It was awesome, great pizza and pasta.

We then walked down to Rockefeller Center and checked out the craziness there. Along the way we passed some really awesome musicians playing on paint buckets and drums, you will have to check out the video below to see what I mean, my favorite was a guy who’s catchphrase was “Put the money it the bucket”, again, check out the video to know what I mean.

We then went to the top of the Empire State Building and froze our butts off but it was worth it. This is an awesome experience that if you take a trip to New York, be sure to do this, I was told to go after 9pm when it wasn’t so crowded and there was no line when we went.

Trip to New York – Day 2

We started off bright and early by jumping on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The statue of Liberty was awesome, it really was. I also suggest going early in the morning if you go to this, it was hardly crowded at all but the ferries that came over after us were jampacked.

We then went to Ellis Island. Here are some things you may have wrong about Ellis Island.

1) Contrary to the movie “Hitch”, there is no big book that every person signed.

2) They did NOT change any names at Ellis Island, all they did was read off a manifest that was taken when the passengers first got on the ship from their country. If the person that wrote the manifest when they originally boarded the boat messed up their name, well, their name ended up that.

A powerful statistic they shared with us is the current US census has 1 out of every 7 Americans had family that came through Ellis Island, pretty amazing.

After we got back we hit Little Italy, had some great food then went to Chinatown to negotiate some stuff, that was a fun experience! We stopped by Wall Street and then ground zero. You could not see much at ground zero but they had a 9/11 memorial museum across the street. I highly suggest you go and check that out, some really touching stories and memories from that event that changed all of our lives in some way. The Flag picture I took contains the names of every person that lost their life on 9/11.

We stopped by the discount broadway tickets booth (under the red stairs in Times Square) and got tickets to see “The Fantasticks” ,it was funny and a lot of fun, the kids really enjoyed it. We went back down to Rockefeller Center and got a fun picture across from Radio City.

Trip to New York – Day 3

We got up early to knock out the rest of our plan of attack. We really did some serious walking during this trip and it was a good thing as we were also eating so much good food! We got up early, walked to the NY Public Library but it wasn’t open yet, we hit Macy’s as Jess wanted to do some shopping. Check out the video below for my Macy’s handbag video, they have an entire floor dedicated to purses.

Then, we headed to Rockefeller Center to meet up with some of the team. I love going places and meeting people in the team and getting to meet people around the country that are having fun building their business. We took a picture by the tree in Rockefeller Center and spent about an hour chatting and sharing experiences. Some great people up in New York!

Then, based on the suggestion of my friend Mark Ghobril, we went and saw St Patricks Cathedral, this was awesome, be sure to check out the video for that one too.

Check out this blitz. After St Patricks, we went to Fao Schwarz, did a horse carriage ride through central park then hit the Museum of Natural History. Topped it off with a great dinner at “The View” which is at the top of our hotel that spins and gives you a panoramic view of the city.

Funny Stuff

1) We asked someone to take our picture at the statue of liberty, they picked up the camera, shot with one hand and said here and handed it back. It was clear that they did not care. In fact, here is the picture of us in front of the Statue that he took – >

His friend, having seen what happened, said his friend was a jerk and took the camera and took the picture at the top right of this blogpost, night and day right??

2) We went to a place called Caffe Palermo that boasted the worlds best cannoli. I asked the waitress if the cannoli was really that good and she answered, in true New York fashion, Do you have any idea what kind of hell my life would be if our cannoli was NOT good? Haha, such a great response!

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