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The Atlantis Trip my Homebased Business Sent Me On

OK, I gotta be honest, this year has been freaking amazing, especially in comparison to last year. For those that know my story you know that I was dead broke in 2009 from being crushed by Florida Real Estate as an investor. This trip to Atlantis is the latest incentive I won and we had an absolute blast! Going back to July 0f 2009, here is what I have been able to accomplish with a lot of help from my friends and teammates:
– Won a 5 day trip to St Kitts
– Won a 3 day cruise to Bahamas
– Won an 8 day cruise through the Caribbean
– Won a 2011 BMW 740 (roughly 4 times more expensive than any car I have ever owned)
– Became the #1 income earner in my company
– Was named MLSP member of the month (October 2010)
– And, a 3 day stay at the Cove in Atlantis!

Now, after talking with my girlfriend, we have decided that this 3 day stay at the Cove was the best trip we have been on, and the best thing was that it was FREE! (Aren’t things always better when they are free?!?) We had so much fun with all the other leaders from our homebased business and the founders and it was simply amazing. First of all, let me share the view from my room in the below video:

Wasn’t that cool?!? If you ever get the chance I would HIGHLY suggest visiting Atlantis! I had some fun with shooting videos on the beach with me and the team and put the together here, check them out if you’d like!

Here are some of the pics I just had to post!

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