NETWORK MARKETING PROSPECTINGWant to know MY style of Network Marketing prospecting when it comes to overcoming objections? This post shares how I manage the energy of any conversation.

IF you want to feel a whole lot better about your time spent doing Network marketing prospecting, read this article and implement.

Feel Better about Your Network Marketing Recruiting

The cool thing about what you will learn in today’s article is how to feel better with your Network Marketing prospecting as well as become more efficient and get more results. YOU can be in control of how your conversations go if you take the time to study this article. You may also have interest in seeing our event next week if you are serious about becoming a Top Earner. You can now watch from home with our livestream option.

What is Network Marketing Prospecting Energy Mastery?

It is a combination of a few simple concepts..

1. That no one should push you around when it comes to being involved in the Network Marketing industry.

2. That you don’t have to try to recruit every person you meet.

3. That not everyone is meant to be in the Network Marketing profession. (Although most should, see my article about this here – Network Marketing)

4. That you do not require acceptance or approval to have Network Marketing success.

I have used Network Marketing Prospecting Energy Mastery to turn quite a few people around from hating on the profession to actually signing up but that is NOT the sole function of managing the energy, let me explain…


Being defensive is about the weakest position anyone can ever take in a conversation. It’s weak. Instead, take back the power by NOT being addicted to the outcome and also getting good at thinking differently. The main point of this article is to give you several examples so you see what I mean so let’s start:

Scenario: You invite someone to take a look at your opportunity. They have some objections after the presentation.

Objection: These things never work.
Weak Response: They definitely do! There’s people making lots of money and this thing is absolutely ground floor!
My response: Well, if your immediate response when presented with an opportunity is that they don’t work, you may be right and this may not be a fit for you.

Notice that my response takes the focus OFF of “it” not working and instead focuses on THEM.

Objection: I don’t have the money.
Weak Response: Bummer! Any idea when  you would?
My Response: Let me ask you this, if you DID have the money, is this something you could see yourself doing? (for a more complete response, see this article – What to say when they don’t have the money)

Notice that I don’t acknowledge their initial response of not having the money as it is 99% of the time a total lie. They may not have EXTRA money but they do have the money to get in almost every time. Their energy was to give me an objection I could not get through and I managed that energy by asking a new question.

Objection: I’m not good at sales.
Weak Response: It’s not selling, it’s sharing! (which, they never, ever believe)
My Response: You don’t have to be good at sales but you do have to be coachable, do you consider yourself coachable?

My response on this takes someone who is already putting themselves in a weak position by saying they aren’t good at something, keeps them there and positions me as an authority. If they answered yes to this I would then say, OK, well, may I coach you right now? And, assuming they say yes, I would then say, before the presentation you mentioned you didn’t like _____ about your job/life/finances. With you being coachable we can show you how to make ________ better and if you were serious about that, I suggest you go ahead and get onboard and start the training.

Objection: I can’t do this sort of thing.
Weak response: Yes you can, it’s super easy and we are gonna be rich!
My Response: You are probably right.

This response takes chutzpah (audacity) to pull off but anytime I have ever said it, they took it as a challenge and then went on to convince me why they COULD do it.

When you are using Network Marketing Prospecting Energy Mastery you have to embrace the fact that like it or not you are NOT going to recruit every person you meet but if you manage the energy correctly, you WILL mess with their brain a little and they very well might come back to you to sign up later. I have had that happen A LOT.

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