[MLM PROSPECTING] How Cristie Prospected
92 People in 11 Days

Cristie Crit Johnson is an MLM prospecting warrior and in this audio shares how she approached 92 people in 11 days.

The way she thinks about MLM prospecting is something that will help even the most fearful networker.

How to do MLM Prospecting in Person

IF you are someone that wants to know how to do MLM prospecting in person, let me help you out with a few tips.

1. Be in a hurry. You can do this by using a “break in communication” BEFORE you ask your MLM prospecting question. Something like “Hey, I have to jump on this conference call in 2 minutes but I was just curious, do you keep your options open when it comes to making extra money?”

2. Leave your business cards at home. The truth is, hardly anyone ever follows up, instead get THEIR information.

3. Don’t let them push you into saying too much. If the prospect won’t accept that I am busy and wants me to explain everything in detail before they give me their information, I simply move on. If they are that pushy in the beginning, I am just not worried about giving them the pitch. (you’d be surprised at how powerful you feel after doing this and NOT being pushed around).

More MLM Prospecting Tips

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[INTERVIEW FROM TESS 2015] How Cristie Prospected 92 People in 11 Days

First off, let me share a little about Cristie Crit Johnson and her incredible story…She was a successful hairstylist for over 20 years until illness took over and prevented her from continuing to work. Within a few short years, she experienced a violent crime, survived a lightning strike, moved 5 times, staying many nights in her car, and watched her Mother lose her life to Cancer. In spite of a chronic or incurable diagnosis and after selling off or losing what had taken a lifetime to build, was able to overcome and begin life again in her 40s. She’s now very grateful for her health and now gets to make a living actually living and helping others to do so as well.

Was that powerful? Make sure you listen to the audio as she shares her exact MLM prospecting scripts and it may give you some big ideas on how YOU can prospect more people.

IF you appreciate Cristie sharing her story and her prospecting tips, let her know by leaving a comment and feel free to share this with any of your teammates that you think might benefit from this interview.

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