MLM Prospecting: Recruiting College Students

Would you like to learn the art of recruiting college students?

We are up in Tampa on a family vacation and had the chance to interview my bud Jake about recruiting college students and how his team has done it.

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How about those Young Peeps?

I’ll be honest, I am NOT the guru of recruiting college students but I know someone who is. My buddy Jake Kevorkian (no relation to the doctor =) has built a thriving team of college students up in the Tampa area that is honestly quite impressive. Him and his daughter and their team have done very well with this strategy and I wanted to share with you how they are recruiting college students and how you can too.

Inside this Interview we answer the two biggest questions I see around the topic of recruiting college students:

1. How do you get to them?
2. Aren’t they broke? How do you overcome the money objection?

This is a video you may want to share with your teammates and I would also love to hear from those of you who are actively working the college market as I would like to interview more on this topic. IF you have created a team of over 1,000 that mainly consists of college students, shoot me an email and let’s chat [email protected]

Video on Recruiting College Students

Just to share a bit more, the main strategy I have watched Jake and his team use is one on ones and two on ones. This is where they sit across, face to face, with college students and show their company presentation. Let me know if you would like more training on the topic of recruiting college students and I can create some more for ya, just comment below IF you’d like to see more like this and also if you got value from this, feel free to share with others.

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