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MLM Recruiting:
What to Say When they
Don’t Have the Money


You’ve heard if before right? They don’t have the money to join you. Inside this short video learn how to better your MLM recruiting when that happens.

It’s tiny shifts in your MLM recruiting that will make you a powerful closer, watch the video today and start closing!

Where are you getting your MLM leads?

First of all, IF you are getting the “no money” objection often, it comes from a few possible scenarios:

1. You are doing what most network marketers do and that is you are prospecting DOWN the social-economic ladder. Instead of going after the most influential people you know that you might be scared to talk to, you are going to people you feel you have more influence over or that you aren’t too worried about their opinion. Huge mistake. Always do your best to prospect UP and get the quality professionals, business owners, etc.

2. YOU are struggling with money and you are doing subtle things to project this onto others.

There are others but those are the main ones. If you want to get more quality prospects and MLM leads, be sure to enter your name and email address in the form on the upper right hand corner of this site to get my totally free 29 Sources of MLM Leads on Audio.

Video: No Money Shouldn’t Stop your MLM Recruiting

Pretty good MLM recruiting tips right? Cesar is one of the best I have ever met and honored to be working with him. If you think these MLM recruiting tips are helpful, feel free to share them and comment below!

For those in my team, looking forward to hanging with you in Dallas!

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