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Check out this post on my daily morning routine if you want to seriously get more results in your life.

I share, in picture format, what I do every single morning and why it’s so important to my business.

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Looking for a Good Morning Routine?

In today’s post I will share my daily morning routine, I seriously attribute so much of my success to having a good morning routine. IF you need to develop a daily morning routine, this will absolutely give you some good ideas or you can use it as a blueprint for yours.

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My Daily Morning Routine…it Starts the Night Before…

1. Before I go to bed I set my phone on airplane mode, they say it’s a good health practice and I read my daily affirmations that are located on my phone. To do this I just wrote them down on flashcards and I took pictures of them and stored them in an album. I start my day by reading these on my phone. I am not sharing these affirmations in this post so they are, well, secret =)


2. I weigh myself. It’s good to weigh yourself as what is tracked can get improved AND if you are going to weigh yourself you should do it at the same time each day and wearing the same thing. Right now I am in weight loss mode (I’ve lost 16 pounds in a few weeks). I use the weightwatchers scale as it tells you your bodyfat too.

routine for success

3. Rinse my Mouth and Brush my Teeth (ok, maybe I could have skipped telling you this step but just being thorough!) My dentist told me Sonicare was the best so that is what I use.

good morning routine

4. I drink water, lots of it. Sometimes I will squirt some lemon in there, sometimes not. I drink at least two of these right away, they are 26oz. This is a BPA free plastic cup. Before I am done with breakfast I will have drank four of these (over 100 oz’s of water)

daily morning routine for success

5. I head to my gym and do 30 minutes on the Exercise bike. It is at THIS point that I “un-airplane” mode my phone and I check my social media accounts and my email while doing the exercise bike. I LOVE doing more than one thing at a time, NO ONE should check their phone in the morning while not on a treadmill, walking or on an exercise bike.

whats your morning routine

6. I make a green drink for me and my wife. My wife is NEVER up yet but I make it for her and she mixes it up when she does wake up. The ingredients are cabbage, kale, spinach, lemon, celery and cucumber. It doesn’t taste fantastic to me but it isn’t bad. I use THE best blender on the planet, the Vitamix.

morning routine successdaily morning routine

7. I eat two eggs with high mineral sea salt. (is it just me or do they look like a yin/yang symbol?)

good morning routine

8. I enter my “gratitude grotto” (hot tub) and spend 10-15 minutes just being grateful for everything in my life and for an amazing day about to happen.

daily routine

and THEN I get to work. Usually it is getting a blog post done, sometimes it is shooting a video for the blog or clients and look over what my schedule is like that day and what needs to happen on our different projects. We use basecamp to manage all our projects and I make sure no one is waiting for me on anything and every single day, all of the above and my blog post is done by 8:30am =)

Do YOU want to Develop a Daily Routine?

Keep in mind this is just my daily morning routine, feel free to check out those other links if you want to develop a full daily routine for yourself. IF you have any questions about my morning routine, feel free to post a comment below and I will answer you and if you enjoyed my picture journey, feel free to share!

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