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Today’s post shares 30 Affirmations for Self Esteem that can really help you and your life.

You’ll learn my personal twist on how to write a list of affirmations, hope it helps!

Need Help Creating a List of Positive Affirmations?

Question for you, do you ever write or just read your list of positive affirmations only to just flat out not believe them? Does your positive affirmations list consist of all things you simply see as unattainable?

The key to a good affirmations list is not just what you say but how you feel when you read or write them. Today’s post is a complete guide to writing daily affirmations for self esteem AND even some on increasing your lifestyle and business.

How I Personally do my Daily Affirmations

A friend and fellow trainer of mine, Marc Accetta, gave me the great idea to write down my list of positive affirmations and actually take pictures of them. I now have them in my phone in a special album that is a whole lot easier to use with how much I travel. Last week I was in San Diego, this week was Salt Lake City and next week is Phoenix, having my affirmations list on my phone makes it really easy to do them.

Every night before bed I read my list of affirmations. I don’t watch the negative news but instead program my mind to concentrate on all things that I WANT in my life. I read them again when I wake up before I do anything to help set the intentions for that day. (I’ll give you some examples of good daily affirmations for self esteem and growth shortly).

The Issue with Affirmations for Self Esteem

IF you struggle with self esteem issues (and you know who you are), then the standard way of writing down and reading a list of positive affirmations is simply not a good idea for you. I have learned three different ways to write your list of affirmations and if you want to know which way is the best, well, I suggest that it is up to YOU and where YOU are in your mind and life.

IF you really struggle with your mindset and you truly feel you need positive affirmations for self esteem, then I highly suggest you go with the method taught by my friend Noah St. John. He calls them “Afformations” and it’s where you simply turn your daily affirmations into questions that are easier for you to believe.

Method #A – Use Questions instead of statements for your list of positive affirmations.

IF you are at a higher level of believe, you MAY be able to use what I call becoming or growing daily affirmations.

Method #B – Use Growing and Becoming style affirmations.

IF you do not struggle AT ALL with self esteem or mindset, you might try the standard way that is taught by everyone in regards to writing your affirmations list.

Method #C – The Standard Way

Now that I have broken down the three methods of writing your list of affirmations, let’s get to the actual examples!

30 Affirmations for Success and Growth

I will attempt to help everyone out with these affirmations for self esteem and growth by writing each of the positive affirmations in all three styles. Feel free to grab the ones that you feel the best about and use them daily. I will write ten samples daily affirmations and give you 3 examples (hence the 30)

1. To gain self esteem and confidence.
a. Why am I so confident?
b. I am very grateful that I am becoming more confident.
c. I am so very happy and grateful that I am so confident.

2. To grow your mindset.
a. Why am I constantly thinking bigger and bigger?
b. I am excited to be growing into a bigger thinker.
c. I am fired up that I am such a big thinker.

3. To make more money.
a. Why am I making more and more money?
b. I am so pumped up to be growing into someone who makes more money.
c. I am so happy and grateful that I make so much money.

4. To grow your business.
a. Why is my business growing so quickly?
b. I am so excited that my business is really starting to grow.
c. I am fired up that I have such a high growth business.

5. To get better at sales.
a. Why am I so amazing in sales?
b. I am very happy to be growing into a better salesperson.
c. I am so fired up that I am an incredible salesperson.

6. To find the perfect relationship.
a. Why am I with the perfect person?
b. I am so happy that I am on the road to finding the perfect mate.
c. I am so honored and grateful that I am with my perfect mate.

7. To have a great family.
a. Why do I have such an amazing family?
b. I am so lucky to be growing a family.
c. I am so grateful for the perfect family.

8. To grow a team (IE, your business, network marketing, etc)
a. Why is my team growing so quickly?
b. I am so lucky that my team is growing bigger and bigger each day.
c. I am so fired up that I have such a huge team.

9. To become a respected authority.
a. Why am I so respected and cherished by others?
b. I am so grateful that my audience is growing each day.
c. I am so grateful to command such a thriving audience.

10. To simply have a wonderful life.
a. Why is my life so wonderful?
b. I am so happy that my life is becoming so great.
c. I am so blessed and honored that my life is simply amazing.

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Join the Conversation

I hope you got benefit from this article. I came up with that three method style from coaching hundreds and hundreds of people throughout different challenges and it has made sense to and helped those I have taught it to.

Give me some feedback if you have a minute at the bottom of this post by leaving a comment. Was there an affirmation or two that you really liked? Do you feel my three method style could help you with affirmations for self esteem and growth? Would love to hear your feedback!

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