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Network Marketing Tips: Daily Routine to Build Your Business


Probably the most important network marketing tips you could EVER get from me is all about my daily routine. Without a daily method of operation, there is ZERO hope to building a lasting business.

Watch this short video to learn my 4 critical components of a successful daily routine!

What is a Daily Method of Operation?

A good daily routine is something that if followed WILL create success for you in your network marketing business. I cannot say that I am the smartest, best recruiting or fastest network marketing builder but my daily routine is SO rock solid that my business continues to grow and has for four years. 2010 was my very best income year until 2011, until 2012 and now in 2013 my wife and I have already made a substantial amount more than we made in 2012 already.

I would attribute my daily method of operation as being the biggest component of that growth. A daily routine is a few things, doesn’t have to take up the whole day, that you should checklist to know that you are moving TOWARD your goals rather than not. Remember, everything is nature is either growing or dying, nothing stands still.

It is NOT about Small Bursts!

Many times I see networkers that get excited, typically from attending an event, and they attack their business with all their might…for a week or maybe even two weeks. Then they wear themselves out or just get distracted and stop doing what was working and hope that their team now duplicates. I believe that this tactic will NEVER work as you want to be inspiring your people at ALL times not just in small bursts and if you keep starting and stopping your business it will never get the legs you want it to to explode.

Video: 4 Step Daily Routine

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