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MLM Recruiting Series:
Day 6 from Kauai – Closing the Sale


This might be your favorite of my MLM recruiting secrets series, this is ALL about closing the sale.

Yesterday we did some awesome Kauai hiking, I share our journey at the end of the video in this post.

The MLM Recruiting Series so far…

In day one of the MLM recruiting series we covered whether you should promote your product or opportunity.

In day two we talked about duplication and the things you should NOT be doing to get more duplication.

In day three we DOVE deep on personal power and mental posture (one of my favorite topics to train on).

In day four we talked all about reasonable sales stats and I also touched on how to hit your numbers with prospecting.

In day five we talked all about calling old leads and also how to best talk to ALL of your MLM leads.

Today we continue this series to help you become a rockstar recruiter! My family and I are staying at the Wyndham Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach but again today I took you down the road a bit from our resort…

Secrets of Closing the Sale

There really isn’t a whole lot to remember when it comes to closing the sale in regards to MLM recruiting, seriously. It’s a couple tactics and an overall management of energy. Let me explain the management of energy first…

When most untrained network marketers are faced with negativity, skepticism or overall resistance, they THINK the best thing to do is to push harder, attempt to convince and bend the prospect to their will. I do the exact opposite. Not because I like being cool for school but because it is infinitely more EFFECTIVE.

Let me give you some scenarios, have you ever heard any of these?

1. I’m happy with where I am and what I am doing
2. I have zero interest in your little home business.
3. I doubt I could do this.
4. I don’t have time to add anything.

Or something along those lines? Any or all of these usually trigger the network marketer to go into their standard dance that goes against whatever the prospect just said, such as:

Bad Response 1. Oh, but wouldn’t you be happier with more money?
Bad Response 2. Little? There’s a guy making a billion a minute with this ground floor opportunity!
Bad Response 3. Of course you could do it, I will show you how, we are gonna be rich!
Bad Response 4. You hardly have to use any time, you can totally do this in your spare time!

All of those responses are typical, and, they simply don’t work. Instead, manage the energy and whenever a prospect pulls away, you pull away too. Please understand, I am not teaching some parlor trick here and if they don’t “take the bait” to revert back to caveman sales tactics, BE COMMITTED to being OK if they are NOT a fit for you and your team. So, here are some new alternatives, at least, this is what I would respond with to the original four objections:

Different Response 1. Perfect, let me ask you this, I know it is not a fit for you but do you know anyone that might want to travel more, spend more time with their family and make money from home without interrupting whatever they are currently doing? I love referrals!
Different Response 2. Perfect, that is totally cool, I am mainly looking for motivated people that DO want to make extra money from home.
Different Response 3. Yeah, you are probably right, I have found that people that say they cannnot do something are usually right. (lol, love this one)
Different Response 4. Yeah, you are probably right, some of the people I have helped also didn’t have time but actually wanted to do something about it, let me know if you know of any motivated individuals that DO want to change their situation.

Were those responses a little different? Do you think they could help your MLM recruiting? Wait till you see what I have inside the video!

Video: Boost Your Recruiting

By the way, the guy I mentioned in the video did join, welcome to the team Adam! This doesn’t mean the tactic “closed” him, it just means using this tactic will help you reduce the number of people that sit on the fence. One thing I left out of this video is the best thing to say to someone AFTER you ask the main question I suggest in the video. When they respond positively, you say “Sounds to me like you are ready to join” and remain silent. Few ask it in this way but if they did, their MLM recruiting would skyrocket!

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