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MLM Recruiting Series:
Day 5 from Kauai – Calling Old Leads

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Here we are at Day 5 of the MLM Recruiting series. Today we train you on calling old leads. This includes MLM genealogy lists and people you met but barely know. Most people do this the WRONG way, watch this video and it will actually relieve you of some stress!

*Pic – Yesterday we did Kauai tubing with backcountry adventures, it was awesome!

The MLM Recruiting Series so far…

In day one of the MLM recruiting series we covered whether you should promote your product or opportunity.

In day two we talked about duplication and the things you should NOT be doing to get more duplication.

In day three we DOVE deep on personal power and mental posture (one of my favorite topics to train on).

In day four we talked all about reasonable sales stats and I also touched on how to hit your numbers with prospecting.

Today we continue this series to help you become a rockstar recruiter! My family and I are staying at the Wyndham Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach but again today I took you down the road a bit from our resort…

What to do with calling MLM genealogy lists or old leads?

At a team event a few weekends ago, my buddy Justice Eagen asked me “Ray, I have a huge list of old leads that have opted into my websites over the years, what should I say when I call them?”

The answer I gave Justice had him relieved and happy. Make sure you watch the quick video to learn what I told him. Inside this video I also did a bonus and gave you the NUMBER ONE QUESTION you should be asking your NEW MLM leads when they come into your site now. If you want to greatly improve your MLM recruiting numbers, this video is for YOU!

 Video: Calling MLM Leads

Did you get benefit from that video? I sure hope it saves you some time and you enjoyed the questions I offered to talk to new MLM leads.

Please feel free to share with your teammates if you feel it will help them. Remember to register for our big webinar on Tuesday the 30th here

To Your Abundance!

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