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MLM Recruiting Series:
Day 1 from Kauai
Product or Opportunity?


Greetings from Paradise! Today kicks off the first day of our 7 day series on MLM recruiting from Kauai!

Family Vacation from the Wyndham Poipu

Every summer we take the kids somewhere cool and this year they won the jackpot and we are staying at the Wyndham Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach. We got in very late last night so I have not reviewed the full property yet but will let you know what I think soon!

Each day while we are here I will be doing a new video in this 7 day series on MLM recruiting. Recruiting is the lifeblood of any network marketing organization and we have been fortunate enough to learn the skills required to recruit a lot of people into the network marketing companies we have been a part of. No matter what company you are in, this series will most certainly help you!

My Apology

In the past I have always trained that you lead with the opportunity and if they are not interested in a home business, THEN you hit them with your product. Now, admittedly, in my history of network marketing I have very rarely recruited any customers and one of the main reasons I pushed opportunity first is my product for the past four years was not a mass appeal type of product that MOST people would have interest in. Now that I have experienced the difference, I can tell you that IF you have a mass appeal product, you should most certainly lead with the product. As a trainer I do the best with the information I have at the time and in this case, I apologize but watch the video for an updated training message in regards to product opportunity.

MLM Recruiting Video: Day 1 From Poipu Beach

Did you get benefit from that video? We are starting out light but make sure you stick with us as we are going to get very deeper on the psychology of recruiting more reps, what to say, how to prospect smarter and how YOU can become a top earner! If you would like, feel free to register for our upcoming webinar here

To Your Abundance!

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