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MLM Recruiting Series:
Day 2 from Kauai
Focus on Duplication


Welcome to Day 2 of our MLM recruiting series! Today we focus on the absolute need for duplication.

Why work from Kauai?

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I shoot videos EVERYWHERE we go. Some have asked, “Dude, don’t you take a vacation and just unplug?”

Honestly, I don’t even think about it. I love providing value and the reality is I wake up early not matter what I do or where I am and it’s easy to knock out a video before my wife and kids are even awake. So, dont worry about me being some crazy stressball, know that I LOVE giving you training and am having an absolute blast in Kauai at the Wyndham Poipu.

The MLM Recruiting Series so far…

Yesterday we shot day one (you can see it here -> MLM Recruiting series day one). We had some AWESOME feedback yesterday and would love to spark the same kind of conversation today.

One guy called me an idiot lol, I get those every so often, this is something you have to be OK with if you are ever to build a large readership base.

My buddy Terry talked about leading with the vision of the company and making people better, which, I totally agree with 10000% but I do talk about a distinction in the video below on something to be aware of (just my opinion)

The Key to MLM Duplication

I think there are two main keys (and would love to hear what you think) to MLM duplication.

1. Inspire the troops. Notice I did NOT say MANAGE them. Inspire them by doing the things you wish they would do. Being active in MLM recruiting as well as attending events is key.

2. Have whatever way you recruit people to be easy to duplicate. This is why I do NOT explain the compensation plan, do personal one on one presentations and I ALWAYS rely on tools. Am I a GREAT salesperson? Um, yeah, have you seen my wife? But are most people? The answer is NO. If I rely heavily on my ability to talk, explain and influence, they will be left high and dry as they probably do not have those same traits. However, if, when faced with a question, push them to a tool that they can also use, that is powerful.

Blogging is NOT easy to duplicate

Say it isn’t so Ray! If you have ever been on my team, you know that I do not sit you down and instruct you to start blogging. I instruct you to start exposing the tools to people online, offline, cold and warm market. If you relied on your team to blog, you would be a pretty sad upline. I certainly like blogging but it would be crazy to tell my team they had to blog to recruit people.

Video: Duplication talk in front of Wyndham Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach

Did you like the video of my son Ethan at the end? lol, he is a goofball! (just like Dad)

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Did I hit the mark? Did I miss something? It is hard to convey all possible scenarios in a 6 minute video but hopefully you got some value from it. Please feel free to share with your teammates if you feel it will help them. Remember to register for our big webinar on Tuesday the 30th here

To Your Abundance!

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