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MLM Advertising:
8 Ways to Market Your Business


Lately I have been on a real kick on teaching you prospecting tactics, today we switch gears to talk all about MLM advertising. In this post are 8 ways to market your business.

You Shouldn’t JUST Focus on MLM Advertising

Most people are scaredy birds when it comes to actually talking to other human beings so they focus their efforts on different MLM advertising methods. There are LOTS and LOTS of ways to market your business but I encourage you to learn how to communicate with other human beings as if you get your wish and your MLM advertising actually works, you WILL have to know how to talk to those leads. To get better at that, be sure to download my easy, breezy, non-cheesy 7 Step MLM Recruiting Audio.

8 Ways to Market Your Business Easily

1. You do drive around right? You don’t have to be insane about it and get a car wrap but why not put something on your back window that could possibly get more eyeballs on your company presentation? Here are some sample taglines that might get you some leads:

– Can You Make Money From Facebook? This 24 Hour Recording Shows You How – Call xxx-xxx-xxxx
– Need to Lose 7-20 Pounds? Free Report Sent to You By Calling This 24 Hour Recording – xxx-xxx-xxxx
– Do You Believe in Sound Money? 24 Hour Recording Reveals How You Can Get Free Gold and Silver, Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Two things with this approach, One, most people are scaredy cats to talk to a stranger but a 24 hour recording is safe. Also, be sure to have a phone number at least instead of a website as most that see the message will be driving. Most people use a google voice number or any of the other recording services

2. Drop card marketing. I have not recruited 100 people this way but I do recruit 3-4 per year with this form of MLM advertising. Here’s what I do, go to your local book store and pick 10-15 books that are the types of books your target market would read, books like Think and Grow Rich, Crush it, Atlas Shrugged, Ron Paul, whatever and smack a drop card in there. Keep it simple and focused on making extra money from home. I talk more about this strategy in this post – 7 Ways to Use Drop Card Marketing

3. Put a business or drop card in every single envelope that leaves your house. Why not?

4. Have custom pens on hand at all times. You can leave these pens in different places, one fun strategy is when going to higher end restaurants, replace their pen with your custom pen.

5. When flying, place either a newsletter or DVD in the middle of the skymall or airline magazine. People are stuck in planes for hours and get bored and sometimes they have a laptop on them to watch a DVD.

6. Bandit signs. Test this out before you get too crazy as in some places Code Enforcement can put a hurting on ya but a LOT of my teammates get good results with bandit signs. This post details how – MLM Advertising Using Bandit Signs

7. Bring newsletters to anyplace where there is a waiting room. Doctors offices, car dealerships, etc have places where people sit bored out of their minds, give em something exciting to read.

8. Social Media MLM Advertising is grossly misused. One of the very best ways to market your business online is to NOT throw out your link and simply ask questions such as, Who would be open to working on a side project with me? (again, without throwing out a link)

Keep in mind that IF you need to make money now, don’t JUST rely on MLM advertising, these are all great ways to market your business but I would not just rely on passive marketing to build my business. These tactics, especially if you share them with your team, can produce leads for you but you still want to teach MLM prospecting as a core fundamental.

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