7 Ways to Use Drop Cards That Will
Get You 1-2 Reps Per Week

One of my very favorite offline tactics is advertising with drop cards. At first I thought they were cheesy but once I realized I could use them in many, many different ways, I completely changed my mind about them and decided they were very effective (and easy and fun) for building my business. Toward the end of this article I will reveal exactly how you can use them to get 1-2 new reps per week into your business.

This sounds great but what the heck is a Drop Card?

A drop card , some people call them a sizzle card, is a small business card that when folded looks like a hundred or twenty dollar bill. These have historically been used to “drop” on the ground giving off the impression that someone dropped money on the ground thereby getting unsuspecting passer bys to react in funny and interesting ways to ensure no one sees them score some money that was dropped on the ground. This article is going to talk about some ways to use drop cards that you may not have thought of.

What Should Be On The Dropcard?

Well, if you are going to use these in a littering sort of way, like, throwing them on the ground everywhere you go, you do NOT want to have your phone number on them as you really don’t want to be spending your time fielding complaint calls. It is imperative that you have a good headline that will illicit interest and your website minimum.

I am actually not a fan of throwing money drop cards on the ground as they are actually intended to be used, the reason is, it creates a negative association when they realize they were duped and had to bend over to pick them up.

7 Ways I like to use Drop Cards

#1 – In Planes

I try to get on the plane as early as possible and place drop cards in the magazine slot in front of each and every seat. In the magazines or whatever other literature they have. You have a captive audience that is forced to sit there for hours and just might pick up those magazines.

#2 – In Bookstores and Libraries

This is one of my favorites. I will set an hour aside and go to the local barnes and noble, books a million or whatever and them select books I think my prospects would read. What type of person would you want to work with? I like people that read Ayn Rand, Robert Kiyosaki or really anything that talks about home business, online marketing or network marketing is a prime target. I will place a few drop cards in each book. You can do this at local libraries as well although I believe you increase the chances of getting busted at a library. I had someone ask me if this was legal, I highly doubt there is a law about reverse shoplifting but the bottom line is, I have recruited people using this tactic but if you aren’t comfy with it, don’t do it.

#3 – Waiting Rooms

Another place where you have a captive audience, waiting rooms and hair salons. They always have magazines there, take your drop cards and place them in as many magazines as possible.

#4 – Restaurants

When you are done eating at the restaurant and putting in that tip (make sure it is a nice tip or this will not work at all!) slide a drop card in there, I have sponsored quite a few people that work in the restaurant industry. You may even preface the drop card by asking this killer question to the waiter or waitress, “Would you be interested in a side project if it didn’t interfere with your current job?” Who the heck would not say yes to that?!?

#5 – Toll Booths

Now you can also use CD’s or DVD’s for this tactic but the lowest cost way is to use a drop card. Next time you are pulling up to a toll booth, look in your rear view mirror and see what kind of car is behind you, if its a decent vehicle, pay for their toll and have the operator give the person behind you a drop card! The operator may even ask you for one!

#6 – Newspaper Stands

Another interesting one is buying a newspaper, pulling out all the newspapers and stuffing them with drop cards and putting them back in the stand. This one cracks me up, think about this though, if you were marketing for real estate, wouldn’t it make sense to put drop cards in all the apartment rental guides that are in these stands? Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

#7 – Get Your Team To Duplicate

Doing drop cards is a very easy skill to master. It doesn’t require talking to anyone and is very low cost. What if you got your entire team to duplicate this process? I am willing to bet that based on the results I have seen that if you get your team of 10-12 or more people doing this tactic, your business will go through the roof and then you get each and every new person to join in on the fun, remember, network marketing is not just about your efforts it is about getting your team to produce as well!

If you are wonder do drop cards work? I can tell you that they do, they will probably never provide you with enough people to talk to but I have recruited several people from advertising with drop cards and it’s pretty dang easy. Drop cards marketing is pretty funny to do and you simply do it when you are out and about.

If you do not have a place to purchase drop cards, you can get them here. Be sure to share this very simple concept with your teammates and although this does NOT replace traditional prospecting, it sure is easy to drum up a few leads.

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