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The Convention
And Numis Network Review

Just got back from the convention and here is my Numis Network review and feedback on all the updates with the company.

What are all the updates with Numis Network?

Be sure to watch the video but here are some quick updates:

1. Silver Eagle qualifications are now re-opened company wide, if you didn’t hit it before, make sure you do between tomorrow (Monday, August 6th) and the next four weeks.

2. Now when you hit 6 star director, you have your choice of taking the $1,500 a month car lease program OR $18,000 a year toward vacations. I decided to turn in my BMW 7 series that Numis has paid for the last two years and go for the vacation program. I am much more of a vacation guy than a car guy. By the way, either option still gets you a $5,000 check. I actually ended up buying a used Toyota 4runner, perfect for me!

3. Convention launched Numis TV. Frigging amazing that now every rep in Numis has their own Internet broadcasting TV channel, very, very powerful.

4. Numis Network now has a goal to GIVE AWAY $10 million in silver assets in the next five years. The biggest problem facing the world right now is the realization that things are not getting better and governments are not helping. Families with more assets will be better equipped for the future.

5. New incentive trip was announced. Win a 7 day, 6 night Royal Caribbean cruise and have some fun! Details to come later.

6. 90 day blitz to the National Expansion team. This is by far the biggest announcement in company history. We are forming a national expansion team and using the training and mentoring of Larry Thompson. Those who qualify will be PERSONALLY mentored by Larry who has earned over $100 million in commissions in network marketing and taken companies to over $1 billion in sales. To see how we are doing it, watch this video.

More stuff to come in the next two days but check out this video

After Convention Numis Network Review

Here is my after convention Numis Network review:

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