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Video: How I Hit The Top Rank in My MLM in 9 Months and How You Can Too

This is a recording of a training webinar I did for my MLM team. The principles in this video carry over to any network marketing company. In this video I share what principles I used to hit the top rank in my company. I am the first person to do this in the company and it won me a 2010 BMW 750li and a bonus check of $5,000. Although I mention my company in this video, the training I offer regarding offline and online marketing and having the right mindset would help anyone reach the top rank in any mlm company.

In the webinar I mention a few things. To save us all some time I have placed the links I referred to underneath.

Toby and Layla’s Facebook Training

Ron Geloks Facebook Training

Ray Higdon Twitter Training

How to Write Positive Thinking Affirmations

$100 Drop Cards

George Zalucki’s Profile of a Champion

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