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Step-By-Step Video: How to Generate Massive Leads From Twitter…
in Less Than 5 Minutes Per Day!

What the heck can you do with Twitter? That is a question I get ALL THE TIME. Well, Here is what I do…Drive Massive Leads From Twitter Each and Every Day, In Less Than 5 Minutes Per Day! In the below video I show you how I do it, step by step. Twitter is growing extremely fast but it is also growing full of pushy sales people always promoting teeth whitening, colon cleansing or diet pills! This video shows you how to generate daily leads without being pushy or obnoxious (not like that would work anyway!)


Twitter can be a major lead funnel for you guys and I hope you find this educational video helpful for lead generation!

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PSS: The program I talk about in the video has been discontinued, however, after a lot of searching, this tool is a great alternative – TweetAdder