Is it possible to be successful in 2 different network marketing companies at the same time? Should you stay with one? Or run with both?

Over the years, I have come to know many fellow Top Earners. In this post I will share my take on growing two different network marketing companies. Feel free to share with your teammates!

Success In Two Network Marketing Companies At The Same Time

When it comes to the question of, “Am I aware of anyone that’s been in TWO Network Marketing Companies and created success at the same time?”

My answer is not a big level of success and I believe a much smaller level of success that someone talented COULD create if they focused on one.

I don’t know if I know of someone who’s built 2 different 6 figure a year businesses. However, it probably exists. That to me. That isn’t success. The income might be nice. But, I think you will always have some kind of cap. You won’t be able to hit top earner level.  I know there’s one exception that I’m aware of, but I don’t think it’s how most people think. I’ll share that exception here with you later in the post.

Preaching To One Choir

Just think of it like this. If I wanted to be a pastor.

If I want to do something, I want to be THE BEST in the world at it. That’s just how I think. That’s how I’m wired. I want to be the best in the world.

Let’s say I want to be a pastor. I want to be the best in the world. Let’s topple Joel Osteen. Let’s topple the biggest pastors and let’s get bigger followings, ect.

Would I ever pastor 2 different denominations? You know, on Saturdays, I’m going to hit this church. On Sundays I’m going to hit this church.

Would I ever do that if I really wanted to build a level of success that I was excited about? The answer is NO.

Some people would say, “Well, Ray, this is business, not church. What are you talking about?” Actually, it’s not that different. Because for you to build a successful, thriving, growing, network marketing business, it isn’t about the product. It isn’t about the comp plan. It isn’t about opportunity. It’s not any of that stuff. It’s about community.

Community of Church and Business

People stay for community. People continue to go to to church for community. If that community breaks their trust or makes them feel bad, they stop going to that church.

Have you stopped going to a church and later asked yourself why. Why did you stop going to that church? A community problem. It wasn’t that they painted the walls different and you didn’t like it. It was a community problem. Something happened in the culture in the community that made you say, “Hmm, this isn’t for me anymore.”

Church isn’t that different from network marketing. I’m not saying get into a religious speech or anything like that. I’m saying community is what builds both of those entities. Network marketing, community and culture. A church, a following, community and culture, same kind of concepts.

Trusting Your Community

If you’re trying to juggle two network marketing companies and you think, “Hey, I keep them segmented. I got my email list over here. I got my email list over there. I got Facebook group here, Facebook group here.”

The problem is the transparency in today’s world. People find out stuff. The first minute that someone is that other company hears you on a leadership call and says, “Yay, Ray was awesome tonight on our group meeting.” The other people are like, “What call was that? I didn’t catch that one. What call was that?”

Now you got a PROBLEM. And, a problem is you broke their trust. And when you break their trust they will stop following you. Your business will not grow.

The One Exception

When it comes to Growing Two Network Marketing Companies, there is one exception. One exception where I say go for it. What was that exception? I share it here, in the video below.

Hope that was valuable to you. Feel free to share if you got value from that.

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