Are you a Busy Entrepreneur?

Busy doesn’t always mean productive. So, Time Management will dictate the velocity of your success. The way that you handle your available time will dictate how quickly you get there.

In this post I will share 5 IMPORTANT tips for Busy Entrepreneurs.

5 Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

You see, a lot of people, they’ll use lack of time as the reason they don’t build a network marketing business when actually that should be the reason they do. Because in most jobs sales jobs, professional jobs, most even businesses, as a business owner, most of those opportunities of generating revenue.. they DON’T have the possibility of residual income or passive income.

The way that you truly create more time for yourself is when you have money coming in whether you roll over in bed or out of bed. And you can do this through several mechanisms.

1. Make Your Money Work For You.

Making residual income is the best time saver. You can do this by investing cash into something that has a return and pays your return every single month.

You can buy rental homes (rental properties, duplexes, ect.). At one point we had rental properties. I never quite got the passive out of it. I had to be very active in that income. But, other ways include buying a car wash or laundromat. You can do different things to get income coming in that isn’t based on your hourly production.

Network marketing is just the lowest risk, lowest overhead way to do it. So if you’re an busy entrepreneur, business owner, ect., then being busy is more of a reason for you create some passive income.

2. Know The Cost Of Success

I know a lot of people that they tell me, “Ray, I want to be a top earner.” Here’s a real simple question, super simple. How many people did you prospect last week? That will tell me if you’re serious about being a top earner. If you answer that and it’s in the single digits (such as zero, one through nine) then you do not want to become a top earner. Or maybe you want it, but you’re not actually working toward becoming a top earner. There are no top earners that, when they were hungry, prospected less than 10 people a week. None. Zero. Not one.

We’ve probably coach now 100 six-figure earners and probably 30, maybe 40, seven-figure-a-year earners. Zero percent of them (when they were hungry) prospected fewer than 10 people in any week. Even in Christmas week, in Thanksgiving week, and in their Birthday week.

Now, are their top earners that haven’t prospected anyone in years? Sure. They feel they made it. In my opinion, they lost their fire, because I don’t desire a hammock. I desire more impact. I desire, how can I impact more people? How can I spread the word? How can I raise the level of professionalism in the network marketing professional? So there is no quenching of my fire, because there’s still human beings left to impact.

3. Change Your Habits

If you’ve read 42 different books on how to get rich or “Think and Grow Rich” or how to make money but you don’t have a lot of money in your bank account, then you don’t know how to make money. You may know a theory about making money but you don’t know how to make money. So, know what RESULTS you possess.

That’s what you know, so your daily habits are what created that result. Habits you can change, so you should never get up and be like, “Aw, man. I got no money in the bank.” You should say, “Okay, what habits can I have today that will dictate that I make money?” It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but what habits that if I start now will ensure my success, will dictate my success?

You can tell how good your daily routine is not by what you know but by what RESULTS you have. If you are in an unhappy relationship, if you are a higher weight than you wish you were, if you have much less in the bank account then you wish you had, then your daily habits need work. They need work. Results, your weight, your relationship status, your bank account, those are results. You can’t change results. You can only change the habits that then will change the results.

4. Go To Company Events.

As a busy entrepreneur you have to make time time to go to events. Company events are crucial for you to become a top LEADER. If you don’t do that, then you don’t have a duplicatable blueprint for others to follow.

If you don’t go to company meeetings and build your team you are is a salesperson. Salespeople in network marketing never make a lot of money. They never get to the seven figures ever. The really good ones might make it to six figures. Maybe. I would say 1%. But you’re not going to get there if you don’t go to your company events. I’m just telling you. I don’t get any kickback for you going to your company events. I’m just telling you the truth.

5. Exercise

If I could hit you with one more tip I would say do some exercise. You don’t have to be extreme. You don’t got to break tendons with your crazy exercising.

But hey, I listen to people that are successful. Richard Branson was asked what’s the Number One thing, what’s the one thing you suggest to be more productive? He said exercise. He’s a billionaire. He could have picked anything. He could have picked take people to lunch. He could have said read books. He could have said whatever. He said exercise. It keeps the blood flowing and your body producing endorphins. You simply get more energy from being fit and healthy.

Watch the video below for more great tips for busy entrepreneurs.

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There you go! Time management, the less of it you have, the more urgent is it for you to build an income that can set you free.. Hope that was beneficial. Tag a teammate if that was helpful. Feel free to share.

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