Here are my very best MLM tips to help you go from part time to full time network marketer.

Some of these may challenge you but you need to hear them if you are serious about MLM success.

What if you LOVE your Job?

The truth is you never HAVE to go full-time but it sure is nice to not only have that as an option, it is also nice to have it as a safety net. People without residual income actually lead very risky lives. I hope this post and some of my past efforts help you create options in your life.

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My MLM Tips on Going Full-Time

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First of all, you need to understand that, if you can’t build your business part-time, I seriously doubt your ability to build it full-time. What most part-timers think is they think that, “If only I had more time toward my business, then I could be successful.” I’ve found that that is hardly ever the case. I don’t want to say never. If you want to go from part-time entrepreneur to full-time, or part-time network marketer to full-time … If you can’t build your business part-time, I seriously doubt your ability to build it full-time, because it is not availability of time. It’s use of time. It’s how are you using your time?

I know people that have built their business, and they work 90 hours a week, and they prospect people at gas stations. They prospect people on their lunch hour. They grab a quick bite, and then they go somewhere and prospect. That’s dedication. Do you know how few people do that? Most people have excuses. They use, “I have kids. I work full-time. I have two full-time jobs, and kids.” Let me tell you. Increasing your availability of time is not a guarantee of success by far. If you’re part-time, and you’re not getting eyeballs on the presentation, I seriously doubt you’ll get eyeballs on the presentation when you go full-time.

You have to be ruthless with your time. This brings up a recruiting question. When I talk to somebody and I’m prospecting them for my network marketing business, and they tell me, “Oh, man. You know, I just don’t have the time.” Do you know my answer? My answer is, “Ooh, you may need this more than I thought.” Okay. How are you going to create time unless you create residual income? How do you create time? You create time by doing things that are leverage. Residual income is leveraged. Guess what else is leveraged? Blogs. Blogs are leveraged. Why? Because you do them one time, and lots of people watch them. People can watch them for the rest of their life. Blog Posts are out there working for you.

People that don’t have time have a severe need of doing things in a leverage manner, and creating residual income. Anybody I ever talk to that says, “Ooh, I don’t have the time.” I’m like, “Ooh. You may need this more than I thought. I didn’t know it was that bad.” They’re going to say, “What do you mean? What do you mean by that?” I say, “Well, if you don’t have time, how are you gonna create time?” They’ll say, “I don’t know.” Okay? How do you make time? You make time by creating residual income. If you got residual income coming in, does that give you more options? Does that give you freedom? Does that help you? Of course.

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