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The 90 Day Business Plan for Non-Weenies

This post will help clarify some questions I have received about a 90 day business plan to build your network marketing business. The video and audio will definitely help you if you are planning or doing a 90 day challenge or blitz.

Common Questions About a 90 Day Business Plan

Q: What if you are working your network marketing business part time but cannot put in 8 hours like suggested in your 90 day blitz training?
A: You put in what you can honestly put in for the 90 days. Be honest. Don’t cheat yourself or your loved ones. Know that most people waste a lot of their days at work and also at home, most people, if they really push, can come up with several hours a day to work on their business, at least for 90 days.

Q: What should you say to prospects about the 90 day business plan?
A: You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person and vice versa. Say, “Listen, this may or may not be for you but me and my team are doing a 90 day blitz, full court press and it’s going to be a lot of hard work but it’s gonna change a lot of lives and I think it’ll be a very financially and mentally rewarding project, wanna rock with us?”

Q: What presentation should you send to people?
A: A similar question to the above one, the answer is, whatever presentation you like or think is appropriate for the person. If there is one you really dig then use it as when you suggest it your energy will be high as you believe in the video and that will come across. No video is magical, just get open eyeballs on any presentation and stop worrying so much about getting everything perfect.

Q: What activity do you do during a 90 day business plan?
A: I have already covered this in my blog post called the Activity Tracker

Q: Where to get people to talk to?
A: Wherever you want. Warm market, real estate books, business cards at coffee shops, buy leads, warm market referrals, networking events, facebook, linkedin, youtube, twitter..not having people to talk to could easily be the lamest excuse in this digital age. The real question is, how do I get over being uncomfortable when prospecting? For that answer you may consider watching my presentation called “The MLM Prospecting Scorecard

Video: Updates from Day 1 of the 90 Day Blitz and More Details on the Questions


Audio from last night for my team

OK, if you are NOT on my team, it may not make sense to listen to this. It goes into even more detail than the video about this 90 day attack. – More 90 day blitz training

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