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Success in MLM by Starting Off Right

David Angelo and Me with my New Audio CD

How you start your MLM home business is critical to your success. This post gives suggestions on how best to have success in MLM by starting off on the right foot.

How to Increase Chances of FAST Success in MLM

I recently spent some time with my good friend David Angelo and he shared with me how he starts his teammates when they get started. No matter what their history is he has them make out a list of 100 people they know and then talks to them about how to share their MLM home business with them. Now, some of you may be reading that and thinking how your warm market is burnt out or would not be interested in your new MLM home business, am I right? Wouldn’t it be easier to just get online MLM leads? Have people emailing you that they want to sign up with you? Well, it is true that it is cool to have people emailing you they want to join your business but the truth is, it is NOT fast nor easy if you have never done any online marketing. (I’ll explain later.)

You Can Sign Up More Warm Market Once You Have Success in MLM, It’s True

OK, it is true, you WILL be able to sign up more of your warm market into your MLM home business once you have made some money but IF you are wanting to see some FAST success, be willing to at least see if ANYONE in your warm market is open. You see, that is the key, don’t try to sign up your warm market, just initially see if they are open, then, get them to watch a presentation and see where it takes you. By keeping a list of who you have reached out to, you will be able to (and should) go back to the ones that didn’t get involved once you have made a few bucks.

Marketing Your MLM Home Business Online

I get a lot of leads and traffic everyday to look at my MLM home business. The last 3 days I have literally not talked to anyone on the phone due to having my wisdom teeth taken out but have still made thousands of dollars per day. However, it was NOT like this when I started. It took a LOOONG time to get my online presence setup and create enough traffic to get any kind of leads or sales. This was NOT fast.

Now, lets look at how I actually got started in my MLM home business that DID help me create success. From February 2006 to July 0f 2009 I had been involved with around 11 different MLM home business opportunities. Yes, I was an MLM junkie. I loved the idea but never quite found the right fit for me. AND, worst of all, I had pitched my warm market every single one of them. However, like in all the rest of them, when I started with the MLM home business I am still with in July f 2009, I made the calls again.

I knew that some would be skeptical but all I was doing was seeing who was open to an opportunity. I wasn’t a chicken. I knew some would laugh at me, and some did, but I called anyway. If you are going to have success in MLM, in my opinion, you need to have the attitude that you DON’T need approval but you are going to do it anyway and your warm market is a great place to start as any of them that get started can contact their warm market too, it’s easy, and easily duplicated, unlike online MLM marketing.

I Love Online MLM Marketing But, It’s Not Fast For Success in MLM

Like I said, I love online MLM marketing but it is not fast for people to have success in MLM and most do not have the gumption to stick with it long enough to see it actually work. If you can start off right by at least reaching out to your warm market first, you greatly increase your chances of success in your MLM home business. Here are some suggested resources for you to start off right:

Unique way of approaching warm market when you have failed at other MLM home business opps
How to prospect with posture
How to get results from a burnt out warm market
30 Great MLM Prospecting Questions

If you are just starting with your MLM home business, do yourself a favor and at least approach, with a good posture, your warm market. It is the easiest to duplicate and quite frankly the ONLY reason someone should be scared to do so is from a lack of training which, any of the above resources will help you overcome so YOU can have success in MLM!

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