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MLM Prospecting with Your Warm Market


You join a network marketing business opportunity, ready to turn over a new leaf and what is the first thing they tell you to do? Make a list! Argh, make a list? But my warm market is burnt out from the 49 other companies I pitched them, what to do?? This blog post will help you through this anxiety and actually help you feel better and get results from a totally burnt out warm market.

When Should You Approach Your Warm Market?

My favorite answer to this question comes, surprisingly, from magnetic sponsoring author, Mike Dillard. Two years ago I was on an interview panel with Dillard and someone asked this question, “When should you approach your warm market with your network marketing opportunity?” Mike, without batting an eye, answered, “When you don’t care if they will sign up or not.”

Amen. If you did not read my post from yesterday, check it out, it talks about how people are not turned off by network marketing, they are turned off by network marketers and how to raise the conversation. The bottom line is, as professionals, we should not do ANYTHING to burn out our warm market because we should not be addicted to the idea of recruiting every person we know.

What If You Have Pitched Your Warm Market 11 Other Opportunities?

Congrats if you have, you are now tied with me =). I pitched my warm market 11 other companies I was in, in just over a 3 year time period, lol, to say I was clueless would be an understatement! So, how did I STILL go back to them with my current company even though I knew they would be skeptical? Real simple, in two words…

Fast Qualification

I called my warm market on my network marketing business and asked a very simple “Are you open” type question and quickly determined if they were open with no arguments or convincing. If they said no, that was OK and I moved on. You see, if you do not beat them over the head you can always come back to them again, which, I did, over and over but always with little twists.

How to Get More Results with your Warm MarketHow to Get More Results and Even Referrals

Here is a very, very slick way to get more results and referrals from your warm market. When you call them (please God don’t try to do this through email) and ask if they are open to exploring a side project you are doing, if they say no, quickly change the focus to who they know. Here’s an example:

You: Hey Joe, this may or may not be for you but wanted to see if you were open to exploring something I am doing on the side to make some extra money?

Joe: No thanks dude, I have seen you done 50 of these things and they never work

You: (instead of crying like baby and trying to convince them) No problem Joe, listen, do you know anyone who has been affected by the economy that actually wants to make some extra money? We work with a lot of financial planners, realtors or mortgage brokers, mostly professionals, do you have anyone I could call?

See what that does? When Joe realizes you were not phased at all by his no, all of a sudden you become powerful and 8 times out of 10 Joe will suspect he could possibly be missing out on something. Joe may then ask you for more information on what you are doing or worst case scenario, give you some referrals, which, hey, that works too!

Why You Should Reach Out to Your Warm Market Now

You should reach out to your warm market now because we are in a day and age where Plan A is just not working for too many people. More people are struggling to make ends meet than ever before and only someone extremely selfish would not at least see who out of their friends and family are looking for additional income. Know that the people you pitched last year or the year before may have had their circumstances completely chance since and may now be open. Understand that every person that joins an opportunity from the Internet is the warm market of someone…they would just prefer to sign up with someone they know and love.

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