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MLM Prospecting with Powerful Posture

Hanging in La Joya

You always hear me preach about having posture in your MLM prospecting but I think some don’t understand what I mean. In this blog I am going to share my exact responses to common network marketing objections.

My Secret MLM Prospecting Tips

When I train people how to get better at MLM prospecting I instruct them to maintain their power. To me, the most important thing about prospecting is energy management. I want the prospect to understand that I am in control and I am going to build this with or without them. I am NOT seeking their approval nor do I NEED them in my business if they are not the right type of person.

There is always a point in a conversation where the balance of power is defined. This happens when either the prospect or you make a power move, typically, this is the prospect pulling away. MOST networkers fall for this and then pursue them down the energy drain versus maintain their power. Let me share with me what I mean…

Prospect: I just don’t think I can do this type of business.
Rookie: What do you mean? You know everyone! You would be awesome!

This increases the resistance in the prospect and you have lost your power. Let me give you some more examples:

Prospect: I need to think about it.
Rookie: What’s there to think about it? We’re gonna be rich! It’s awesome!

Prospect: I need to do some research.
Rookie: What’s there to research? I just showed you the presentation, it’s awesome!

In all of the above examples you have lost the power in the MLM prospecting conversation. Let me show you how to do it, the Ray Higdon way =).

Taking a Break with My Sweetie

Power and Postured MLM Prospecting

Always maintain your power. I believe it so much that my first audio CD is actually called Maintaining Your Power. (it gets listed on Amazon next week but you can get it now by buying through here). This is where you use your power to give the prospect a different, more qualified feel. This is without being rude, but, by maintaining your power when you are MLM prospecting. Here are the same objections but handled with power. Keep in mind, this is MY way, others would have you use some salesy approach or a hard close which I am personally uncomfortable with and I have found most people are too. Here are the examples:

Prospect: I just don’t think I can do this type of business.
Me: You’re probably right. Do you know anyone that has been affected by the economy that might want to make extra money?

Prospect: I need to think about it.
Me: Take your time. Because I spend so much time training and coaching people, I don’t want someone coming in not being sure this is something they want to do. In the meantime do you happen to know a financial planner? (at this point I may roll right into the MLM leapfrogging technique)

Prospect: I need to do some research.
Me: Cool. There are about 150 videos online, I would suggest going through each and every one of them before you make a decision, lets see if this thing is a fit for you or not. We spend so much time training and coaching I wanna make sure this is a fit for you before you get started.

Prospect: I need to talk to my wife/husband.
Me: Perfect, I definitely think that is a smart idea. Before I spend a lot of time training you, I wanna make sure this is the right fit for you and your family.

Now, some of you are shaking your head and thinking but Ray, this won’t get them signed up on the spot! Well, how is that approach working for you? I don’t like to pressure people and one of the reasons is I have seen people get a signup from a reluctant person just to have them quit the next day. I could care less about a little signup bonus, I want to bring people in that are gonna stick. Now, despite what you may be thinking, these tactics about 70% of the time turn the prospect around on the spot and they then signup. Is this a refreshing way to handle MLM prospecting? Leave me your comments on your thoughts =)

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