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What To Say To Warm Market When
You Have Failed at Other MLMs

This is a very common question I get, Ray, How can I possibly talk to my warm market when I have failed at other MLMs? Just so you know, I fell on my face and failed at other MLMs before I became the number one income earner in my current company, in fact, I failed at so many of them that when I would see anyone in my area they would ask, “What are you up to this time Ray? Here are some of the products I have tried to do in Network marketing and completely failed at:
Travel (twice, two different companies)
Legal Services
Eco-Friendly Soap
Appetizer Diet Cookies
Gas additives
and an Aztec grain

Thank God I didn’t use the excuse of not talking to my warm market as two of my biggest leaders in my current business were folks I had pitched every single one of those other mlm’s! I love what Mark Yarnell says, “Every great multi-level marketer was a lousy multi-level marketer first”, and I am certainly no exception.

A Different Way to look at how you failed at other MLMs

This past week I had my trip to Hawaii and then had meetings and trainings in Sacramento and LA and on the plane to Hawaii I started reading an amazing book that quite frankly every single Network Marketer should read. It is called Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. There are so many reasons to read this book but one powerful nugget I got out of it was how to talk to your warm market when you have failed at other MLMs. I am willing to bet you have never tried this approach!

When Your Warm Market KNOWS you Have Failed at Other MLMs…

This is taken verbatim from Mark Yarnells Book, I don’t normally copy verbatim but it is that good. This is EXACTLY what you could say to your warm market that knows you have failed at other MLMs:

“You and your wife know that I’ve been researching the field of MLM quite carefully. In fact, in an effort to become extremely knowledgeable, over the last few years I have enrolled in several different companies in order to learn from the different experts. Well, I’m happy to tell you that all the analysis has paid off. I’ve been able to master enough about the industry to pick the best organization that allows people to earn $30,000 to $50,000 a month in the shortest amount of time. I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy doing my homework and now I’m so excited I seem to be losing sleep every night. I need to see you as soon as possible to find out if you would be interested in earning this kind of money”

Did that just totally blow you away? I completely different way to describe that you, like me, have been an MLM junkie and have failed at other MLMs! Share this with your team and comment below if you got something out of this!

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