personal brandingAre you focused on growing your Network Marketing business but also want to implement personal branding but not sure how?

This will share with you how evolved network marketers are learning the power of personal branding WHILE growing their network marketing business.

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Personal Branding WHILE Growing your Network Marketing Business

If you’re in Grapity Grape, and Grapity Grape is the most revolutionary weight loss product that you literally just … you smell it each day; you lose eleven pounds each and every day and it’s amazing. You feel great. If you’re in Grapity Grape, the worst thing you can do is post all over social media all about Grapity Grape, for two reasons. One, you look like a pitch person, someone that’s just out there pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching.

Number two, if in the mere chance that someone is connected to you on social media and they see you posting about Grapity Grape and they’re actually interested, well, what are they going to do? We all have access to the modern day Encyclopedia Britannica, and that is Google.

People will go to Google. They’re going to type in Grapity Grape, and they’re going to look and to their shock and awe, they’re going to see someone talking negatively about it. Because any successful company has negative talk out there and our brains, we can’t help it. Our poor brains. We find all the negative stuff first. When you open up a paper, you see what is the most negative headline. It’s usually the biggest. That’s what we notice. We’re trained. We can’t help it.

In the below video I share what TO do when it comes to personal branding and growing your network marketing business especially on Social Media. My wife and I are actually doing a social media event for a large health and wellness company next month so this topic is a BIG deal for YOU to understand and all of your teammates. Be sure to watch the video below to learn my suggestions on what to do to get more results and also here are some additional resources that can help you around this topic:

Personal Branding and the Rocky Story

How Network Marketers can Brand Themselves

Personal Branding when you are Brand New

Feel free to share this with others, this might help prevent some of the bad behavior that goes on in network marketing as well as help someone be more effective.

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