marketing tipsToday you will learn some powerful marketing tips to help you with branding yourself especially if you are new.

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Marketing Tips around Branding and Being New

A lot of people, they think that they have to have some really impressive resume before they even bother branding themselves. Just keep in mind I started branding myself when I was in personal foreclosure, dead broke, and failed at a lot of different companies.

How I started branding myself though was by leading with value.

You don’t have to start fancy. You can try to get fancy schmance with cool camera angles and awesome Photoshop and things like that, but at the end of the day why should someone be following you? Why should someone get on your email list? Why should someone be subscribing to your social media? Why?

In the below video there are a few controversial things I bring up that you may deal with IF you decide to implement some of my marketing tips and I want you to be aware of some of the possible issues so be sure to watch the below video.

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Enjoy the video and see you soon! Today I am speaking in San Diego at the No Excuses Summit, if you are here come say hi!

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