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Personal Branding Yourself –
Should Networkers Do It?


What the heck does personal branding yourself have to do with Rocky Balboa? Everything. See what I mean in today’s video.

My Son’s School Project

My 15 year old son recently did a project about Sylvester Stallone and when he shared the details of his story with me, I immediately knew it would make a good video for people to get the concept of personal branding.

Rocky and the Concept of Branding Yourself

It has been said in network marketing that people don’t join companies, they join people. The problem that you have with this is old school network marketers will tell you that personal branding is not easily duplicated. True. But the reality is, most things are not easy to duplicate even if the concept sounds like it is. Why? Because human beings are involved and unless someone is passionate about what they are doing, they are unlikely to do it. (yes, I know, the old schoolers are gonna be mad at me for saying this)

His Story of Smart Personal Branding

Sylvester Stallone was dead broke but knew he had something when he wrote the screenplay for Rocky. He also knew that it was critical for him to be the star in the movie so he could use this as a launch pad for his career. His story, as explained in the below video, is CRUCIAL for you to understand. Even when he needed money like he needed water, he STILL insisted in personal branding and starring in his film. Lots of lessons in today’s show, understand the lessons and YOU will be on your way to Rocky-like fame!

Side note: Sylvester Stallone was rejected 1,500 times. When he won an academy award he read off some of his rejection letters. How willing are you to fight for your success? Are you willing to go the distance? Would you have quit after 500 rejections? I hope not. They say his net worth is around $275 million, not bad for a guy that had to sell his dog to turn on the electricity. Stay hungry my friends and remember the importance of personal branding and the millions it can mean to you!

To Your Abundance!

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