Are you in network marketing and have the wisdom to want to brand yourself but not sure how?

This post will give you some tried and true tips on what to do and what NOT to do.

How to Brand Yourself as a Network Marketer

One of the things that my wife and I teach, especially network marketers, is to not just brand the company that you’re associated with and instead work on your own personal brand. There’s a lot of reasons for that but it does lead to a lot of questions. There’s a lot of people that all they’ve done is consistently push their sales message. That is what they wear on their sleeves, that’s what they’re constantly talking about. They’re always talking about their company, their company, their company. They’re promoting their sales pages on their Facebook and social media, and people literally think their name is the name of their company.

So if you’re not talking about your company then what do you do? If you are brand new or not, here’s my thoughts on how to brand yourself…

Number one, focus on value. Focus on education, focus on value, focus on things that you can offer for people to help educate them, possibly about your product, possibly about your service or whatever it is that you’re engaged in. It doesn’t have to be about network marketing, it could be about weight loss, it could be about horse training, it could be about whatever it is that you want. Look at who are you trying to attract and what can you provide as far as value.

One of the easiest ways to do this that we’ve been teaching for years is ILT, invest, learn, teach. You invest your time and possibly money to learn things around your profession and then you teach them via online content. If you look at what we’ve done, we’ve generated a lot of podcasts and periscopes and blog posts on almost every single day. We post these different things to attract our marketplace to us. We’re not constantly just hammering out a sales page or hammering out a link to our company that we’re promoting or whatever that is. Focus on value. We cover this extensively in this training.

When we teach on how to brand yourself, people get confused and ask, “Well Ray, when do I smack them with my company? I know you said to put value out there but when do I get to hit them?”

Focus on putting value into the marketplace, attracting people to you, and then connecting with those people. Instead of wondering when you can hit them with your company or him them with that thing you want to sell them, look on building relationships with those people, and this is something that isn’t done auto-magically. You’re not going to auto-responder them to liking you, you connect with them. Maybe it’s through a personal email, maybe it’s through getting on the phone with them. Find out how you can best help them, serve them and connect with them to see how you can impact their world. This is something that isn’t automatic. It isn’t something that you just set a template and forget about it.

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