Network Marketing RecruitingThis post is how to implement network marketing recruiting with people outside your country. Often when a company opens in a new country people scramble to recruit in this new territory.

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Network Marketing Recruiting in Other Countries

First of all, I would just say that I don’t know that I would focus your network marketing recruiting efforts on people outside of your country full time.

We recruited quite a few people outside of our country and outside of our state and outside of our city. I always looked at it as if recruiting someone was one point, then recruiting someone local was two points. I really valued people local to me, because I could invite them to team BBQ’s and pool parties. We could get to meet eye to eye. I could invite them to meetings that we were doing. Sometimes we always desire the thing that is farthest from us. I would just encourage you to embrace that if you’re wanting to sponsor in a particular country, don’t stop attempting to sponsor in your local area.

Now, I’ll tell you what most people do. Here’s what usually happens. A network marketing company opens up in Kazakhstan and everyone rushes to do ads targeting Kazakhstan. I want you to just think about that just for a second. Imagine if there’s a company in Asia, and they’re opening in America. Do you think they should think, “Oh, I’m going to target America.” Is that really targeting?

I think some people, they forget that there’s usually millions and millions of people in any given country. When you rush to do ads, I want you to think about one thing. Do those ads work in America? If they don’t, they’re probably going to work even less in that other country. Just be aware of that.

In your rush in attempt to get network marketing recruiting results in some other country that maybe you’ve never been to, that maybe you don’t know anybody at, I would just be aware that if you’re using strategies that don’t work in your local area, that don’t work in your own country, probably not likely they’ll work over there.

I will tell you the best strategy for recruiting in another country, though. The best strategy often is the simplest. The best strategy and the simplest is to go to your existing team and just ask them, “Who do you know in that country? Who do you know? Do you know anyone in that country? Do you know anyone that knows someone in that country?” I can tell you I know a lot different top earners in different network marketing companies that have large teams in Europe or Asia or other parts of the world. Many of their biggest leaders, I would say most of their biggest leaders came from someone that they knew.

Someone knew someone over in Australia. Someone knew someone over in Malaysia. Someone knew someone over in Africa, and that’s how they got their biggest leaders. I would highly encourage you. Use the resources you already posses. Go to your existing team and just ask them. “Hey, we just launched in __________, do you know anyone over there?? That’s your number one strategy. Highly suggest you use that.

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