Network Marketing TipsToday we share network marketing tips to help you work with teammates not in your immediate area.

The majority of people we ever recruited WEREN’T in our area, here’s how to work with them.

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Network Marketing Tips for those Out of Town Teammates

A lot of times when people ask, “How do I work with teammates that are outside of my area,” they have a belief that it’s weird to do that. Let me assure you that’s it not.

In fact, the majority over the last six years of actively building a network marketing business and although I’m currently no longer building an active Network Marketing company, during the years that I was, the majority of my team was not in my local area. We did quite a few different things to help include them and to help them build their business, but just know, it’s not weird. In fact, if you’re serious about network marketing, let me assure you, if you stay in this game, you’re going to have people outside of your area so embrace that fact.

That does not take away from building locally or just skipping the local part because I definitely love the idea of building a local team, but get used to the idea that you are going to have people outside of your area.

The below video has some great network marketing tips to help you best build your business and support your long distance teammates, but, let me cover something that I wish I knew earlier in network marketing. When I first started in network marketing back in … my very first MLM was in 2006. I remember if someone told me that they could get 100 people in a room, I would fly right there. I remember flying to Michigan, I remember flying to Boston, I remember flying to all these different cities to a handful of people. Sometimes no people.

In the below video I share exactly how best to handle this scenario where you support your long distance teammates in the most powerful way while also avoiding investing a lot of time and money flying anywhere and everywhere. I believe these network marketing tips will really help you.

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