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My Review of the No Excuses Summit Day 2…No Excuses DVD?

The summit is ROCKING! It is crazy how many marketing strategies and ideas I have already received from this conference. I am already going to be tweaking my PPC campaigns and re-writing a lot of my copy so look out world! If you have not seen it, you can see my day 1 review of the No Excuses summit here. The last two days were so very powerful and I have lots to share with you so lets get down to business!

Day 2 of the No Excuses Summit

**NOTE: I was not able to attend every speaker presentation as I was tending to my team and meeting people

Norbert Orlewicz is the co-founder of mlsp (which, I just decided to upgrade to a platinum member) and he put on quite the show. Are you ready for this? This may be the BEST LINE I have ever heard for new network marketers and it came straight from Norbert. For those that are new, have you ever been asked “Have You Made Any Money Yet?” and you have to stutter and explain that you are on your way and then you hear that cold silence? Well, Norbert gave out a GOLD NUGGET! Next time you are asked that question, you can answer honestly and say “No, I have not yet but I am generating leads now and I can teach you how”. THAT IS AN AWESOME ANSWER! Now, if you cannot say you are generating leads you might consider doing what I did and join their program here. But whether you do or not, figure out a way to generate leads so you can use that answer if you are not yet making money with your network marketing company. Norbert also made a very clear distinction between what we should be doing when working with prospects and he says to give directions rather than ask them to do something. So instead of asking your prospect if they can pretty please go check out your company’s video, to go watch the video and you will follow up with them. Some of us tiptoe through the tulips way too much when dealing with prospects.

Brian Finale was up next and he is one of the founders with My Lead System Pro. He said a great line from the Joker in the latest Batman, “If you are good at something you expect to be paid”, I love it! He gave instructions on starting to run your own webinars as soon as possible that are packed with value. Most use GoToMeeting, I have also used a little less expensive one called webprosperity which has some good features and some not so good but I have used it a long time. Brian gave out some good links too that you might want to checkout:
KeepVid.com – Downloads youtube videos (you want to have permission before you do this or you might get into some trouble)
search.twitter.com – search Twitter for people that you want to connect with and might be in your niche
gravatar.com – If you are leaving comments on people’s blogs, you want to look professional and have a picture show, this will automate if for you every time you leave a comment anywhere

Now, some of you out there are already generating sales through affiliate marketing. Brian gave a million dollar tip here, pay attention to this one. If you have someone on your list buying products from you, put them in a special list. Send them cookies, send them gifts, but take care of them and you might just have a lifelong income stream. I am going to start doing this as I have generated a lot of income in affiliate marketing but have not taken special care of those who purchased from me a lot.

Brian said to get better at Facebook PPC to check out Perry Marshall. He shed some light on this sometimes misunderstood marketing strategy and recommended sending Facebook PPC traffic to a Fan page that has an optin. His company is going to start doing this for members of My Lead System automatically without any programming on the side of the user so that is pretty awesome as I have no clue how to create an optin for a facebook fan page. Some good tips for facebook PPC:
– They are tougher on you when you start so don’t start with ads that say MLM, FREE, Get Rich, Etc

Todd Falcone is a rockstar. I am really glad I connected with him, not only is he a snazzy dresser, he is also a fantastic trainer. He specializes in prospecting, closing and scripts. He gave a great response to that goofball question that we sometimes get, “Is this Network Marketing?” He said to answer it, “Hell Yes, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t touch it!” Isn’t that awesome? He made a great observation in that people will show up to their job every day even if they hate it but they won’t show up for their network marketing opportunity that actually has the potential to make them rich. Why is that? He says because there are no consequences. If you want to create real results in your home business you might want to create consequences for you and your teammates. If you don’t show up to work for three days and don’t call, you will more than likely be fired. Unfortunately, if the same person doesn’t call their upline, show up to meetings or work their home biz, they will get away with no consequences and of course, no real wealth either.

I agree with Todd’s method of the two strikes and you are out philosophy of leaving phone messages for your prospects. Don’t chase, beg or bug them, if they don’t do what they say they are going to do, they also won’t do it if they were in your business. Stop chasing people and stop chasing the signup bonus and look for quality people to work with.

Todd said don’t ever “dabble” with your opportunity. Do it, but don’t dabble or treat it as a hobby. Now, this is a HUGE tip for you guys that are generating leads. Use the information of the lead to build rapport. Let’s look at an example:

Leadname – Joe Prospectson
Cityname – Washington, DC
Phone – 206-206-2062
Email – [email protected]

What can you do with this instead of just calling them and asking them what they liked about your opportunity? Well, you can use their data to build rapport. Here are a few examples:
– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see you are in Wash DC, I was just up there, what a great city! How long have you been there?
– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see you are in the 206 area code, my friend Brian is a paintball expert up there, he loves it, how do you like it?
– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see your last name is prospectson, are you related to a Tony Prospectson that lives in Austin, Texas?
– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see you eat cornflakes, I love cornflakes but you must really love them to make it your email address!

This business is all about relationships and you start down the path when you create rapport.

Then, the man, the myth, stepped up on stage, I am talking about none other than Mike Dillard. Mike Dillard is the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring which is the granddaddy of all network marketing informational products. I honestly do not know one succesful network marketer that uses the Internet that has not purchased something from Mike so it was great to meet him. Mike did an open Q&A with the audience and showed why he is who he is. I cannot repeat all the questions and his answers but here is what I got from him:
– Find out why people will buy your product or business
– Get rid of your emotional attachment to the outcome of your marketing
– Your skillset is the key to your financial future, not your opportunity
– His number one tip is to learn copywriting. There are some pretty expensives courses out there, Mike did this one and it’s solid – Master Copywriting (if you don’t know where to go)

Mike was so cool, he agreed to do a video with me! I ask him two very important questions that I think you guys will really appreciate. You can watch it below.

Jonathan Budd is the shaolin monk of Internet Marketing. He is the founder of the Online MLM Mastery Course that has generated so many successful marketers. I met Jonathan a long time ago through a mutual friend and he is a guy you really want to pay attention to as he is razor sharp. I was interrupted during Jonathan’s presentation but he gave some very solid real world advice on how to get to where you want to go from where you currently are. Here are the highlights:

Create Your Own Product
1. Record webinars
2. Interview Top Leaders in the Industry
3. Record Audio at http://audacity.sourceforge.net for free!
4. Write your own ebook and turn it into a PDF

My man Cedrick spoke last at the conference and he ROCKED THE HOUSE! For those that do not know, Cedrick Harris is the number one recruiter in my primary and he the best closer in this industry. This is undisputed so I don’t have to say he is “one of”, he is simply the best. There is simply no way I would have reached the number one earner spot without him and for that and so many other things, I am grateful. Cedrick covered offline marketing, which, everyone should seriously pay attention to as there are heavy hitters I have enrolled in my business because of the fact that I am not just an online marketer. Cedrick was probably the speaker that generated the most commotion, I am sure that has a lot to do with having such a large amount of his downline in the audience!

Cedrick was awesome enough to shoot a testimony for me, which, by the way, is one great reason to attend these kind of events. When you attend these events the people you work with will happily shoot videos with and for you. Thanks Ced for the awesome testimony (you can watch below)

After Day 2 of the No Excuses Summit

Now, this is a top secret, inside look into a gangster strategy. Hold onto your hat here guys. Some of you are going to kick yourself in the face for never thinking of something like this. When you have a room full of network marketers, what do you do? Well, you setup a way for them to see your business opportunity of course! Hehe. Yep. We did it. Some of the leaders in our company setup a mastermind session and out team invited people to the event. The event happened at 9pm right around the corner from the main meeting room of the No Excuses Summit. The room held 112 seats and we had people out the door. People sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall and all the way out into the hallway. I won’t reveal all the secrets but we enrolled 28 reps in this one meeting. And oh yeah, we were the only company to think of such a stunt. =)

What About For Those That Missed It? The No Excuses Summit DVD!

They are creating a No Excuses Summit DVD that I highly recommend you all purchase, especially if you could not make it but even if you did, I know I will be reviewing the summit with my own DVD, stay tuned to when this comes out, it will be a no-brainer to purchase.

Updated – Here is my review of Day 3!

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