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My Review of the No Excuses Summit Day 1

Master Marketer Jim Yaghi and I

For those that don’t know what the No Excuses Summit was, wait, if you don’t know what the No Excuses Summit was you probably don’t have an Internet connection so there is no way you could be reading this blog right now so nevermind. Ok, just kidding, I am sure some of you have been too busy to find out about the largest Internet network marketing summit in MLM history so I will tell you about it.

The No Excuses Summit was put together by Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos and they brought together the biggest names in Internet based network marketing. I am talking about big hitters such as Jimmy Davis, Justin Christianson, Chris and Josephine Gross, Jeff Learner, Jairek Robbins, Norbert Orlewicz (co-owner of LSP), Brian Finale (co-owner of My Lead System), Mike Dillard (founder of Magnetic Sponsoring), Tim Erway, Jonathan Budd, Cedrick Harris (my brother from another mother, we look like twins), Mark Hoverson, Todd Falcone, David Schwind & Jim Yaghi (2 of my favorite marketers), Katie Freiling (Genius Social Media Expert behind the Utribe), Joseph O’Day and Adam Holland. Yeah, like I said, an all-star lineup.

Why did I go?

There are a few reasons I decided to attend:

1. To support my team (4 of the speakers are in my primary business)
2. To learn new strategies for myself and more importantly to come back and teach my teammates that could not attend.
3. To meet and make better connections with the speakers and attendees.

Let me expand upon numbers 2 and 3. If you are a leader, or, trying to become one, you have to always be uncovering new ways to help yourself and your team build. Anytime you read a good book, watch a good webinar or attend an event, try to determine if there was anything that people on your team could use. For number 3, I am actually going to make this the theme of this blog. You ready for this?

Connect Online, Bond Offline

A lot of the attendees I had connected with. Some, not many, of the speakers I had connected with prior to the event, However, at this OFFLINE event for Internet marketing, I bonded with several people. This is the reason you want to attend all of your company functions. This is the reason you want to attend events such as the No Excuses Summit. There is nothing like the quality of bonding face to face, but wait, lets take this further. As an Internet network marketer, it is important for you to bond with prospects you are trying to get into your business. We cannot always meet them face to face before they sign up but, never become the NETWORK marketer that does not return calls or meet with their prospects and teammates offline. Notice I said NETWORK marketers. That is what I believe for Network marketers, affiliate marketers can certainly get away with never meeting someone they sold something to, I just don’t think you can build a NETWORK by following that practice.

I digress. Lets get back to my review!

Day 1 of the No Excuses Summit

Jimmy Davis kicked it off with talking about a points based marketing funnel system. Boy, did this make sense. He talked about a lot of great things but I am going to focus on the points based funnel system he went over. He said to convert your traffic you should shoot for as many points as possible in your marketing funnel. A good funnel, Jimmy explained, might look like this:

Landing Page (short video)
Business Presentation
Testimony Videos (could be for you or your business, preferably You)
Have Your Assistant Call the Prospect, Could be Mom, significant other, you with strange accent LOL
You call them

See, every step of this accrues points in his (and my) opinion. The more points you can amass before you get on the phone with these cold Internet leads, the better the conversation will go. A killer tip out of this is the having the assistant call. That really makes you look like a leader, doesn’t it. That doesn’t mean your assistant is a hard closer, it just means they are answering questions and of course if the person is ready to sign up, they should.

Now, there were a couple other speakers Friday night but I got caught up meeting people outside the room as I was trying to warm up from the frigid temperature of the room. I think the hotel may have sent in Saint Bernards to rescue some of the attendees as it was so cold.

I made some great connections. One that really stands out is Ryan Dunn. Ryan is the founder of MLM Business Builder and he is a great guy. I always like meeting other landmark forum graduates. I was bummed I missed some of the content of Day 1 but definitely made some great connections that might not have been made otherwise.

Team Session

After the summit ended at 8:20pm, we snagged up all of our team and went to a room where me and some of the leaders had a mastermind session. I was blow away that we had so many of our team in the crowd. As we had so many of our team in Vegas we had coordinated and rented a meeting room in the hotel to do a presentation and we had created a marketing audio CD to promote it. The meeting took place on Saturday at 9pm, well after all the other events were finished and our reps were hungry to get our business exposed to some folks.

Party at Luxor

There was a party at the Luxor and it was a lot of great networking. I got to meet Katie Freiling, Mark Hoverson, Ryan Dunn, and a whole lot of other great networkers and marketers. Norbert from mlsp and Jonathan Budd were there and it was a blast. Got home at 3am for some much needed rest. Check Out for my review of Day 2!

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