Movie for EntrepreneursYesterday I watched a great movie for entrepreneurs and wanted to share my thoughts on it to help you.

IF you are a movie lover like me AND always looking for inspirational movies, you will love this.

Great Movie for Entrepreneurs

I don’t do a lot of reviews on movies but here are a few others

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Wolf of Wall Street

Atlas Shrugged

The movie that I saw yesterday is a movie called Joy. Joy is a movie based on the true story of Joy Mangano who built an empire that at one point was generating $150 million a year on the Home Shopping Network. This movie really touched me for two main reasons that I talk about in the audio in this post.

Yesterday I talked about the movie on my Periscope channel but thought I would do a separate blog post to truly help people understand why, if they are trying to build a business, that this movie is a MUST watch.

I then talk about the movie and why network marketing may make a lot of sense for you IF you are motivated but lack some of the skills that are displayed in the movie Joy. IF you want to see some other people get fired up, send this review to them and then hopefully they take action and rent the movie.

Three main things in the below audio:

  1. If you are in a life that you don’t want, you can change it despite all your obstacles, circumstances and your past.
  2. You ARE going to have more obstacles and challenges along the way, AND, some will attempt to talk you into giving up on your dreams, DON’T!
  3. Network Marketing is a Great Solution if you lack some of the skills displayed in the movie. (it was for me!)

Was this helpful? Feel free to share with others and let’s get some people fired up and moving closer to their dreams. Also would love to see you comment below what YOU like as a movie for entrepreneurs.

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