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Why You Should Watch “Click the Movie”


Tonight I watched Click the movie for the second time, read on to learn why I think you should watch it.

This little post could make a big impact on your life if you struggle with work life balance.

About this Post

This post is a little different as I normally do not do movie suggestions and this is not a review but a rundown of  some of the lessons from a movie.

Click the movie is about a guy that is very focused on his career that lets his personal life constantly rank second in terms of priority. (I won’t give away all the details as I truly suggest you see it).

A Few of the Lessons

Don’t lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing and who you want to become. Most of us work hard because we want to experience life, create a significant existence, raise an amazing family or simply to have more freedom without the tyranny of long commutes, overbearing bosses and inflexible schedules. Remember that. Don’t ignore or lessen the importance of the people IN those goals and also remember to live your life not just lose yourself in your work.

Remember when you were working and your spouse or child interrupted you to show you something and you snapped at them? Just know there may be a time where they no longer interrupt you.

We tend to hurt or give little importance to the people we care most about and are around the most. How would you treat your father/mother/spouse/child if it was the last time you were going to see them? Probably MUCH different than you treated them the last time you saw them right?

Maybe You Have a Great Life…

Maybe you travel a lot and have created a life that most admire. The next time you go to take that picture of the beach or whatever to post on Facebook or Instagram, take a minute to breathe it in. Truly see it. There is beauty all around you that most people never notice and if they do, it’s only to snap a quick pic and throw on social media. SEE it. Drink in the wonders around you and create a more powerful experience.

Be grateful for what you have and stop looking for all the things you don’t like. This simple statement can change your life. You know that thing you are holding a grudge against your sibling/spouse/parent/ex-spouse? It isn’t that big of a deal. Life is a big deal. If the person you are holding a grudge against died tomorrow, how would you feel?

Don’t wait to say the things you feel, say them now. Live in the now. Let’s all start appreciating and loving more and fighting and arguing less. Here’s to YOU making a shift in your life today for the betterment of YOU and all those that you come into contact with =)

I hope this post helps you but I truly hope you watch Click the movie to see what I am talking about.

Feel free to share this with others and here’s to hoping we all experience life to the fullest degree!

To Your Abundance!

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