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My Wolf of Wall Street Review
And Why You Should See This Movie


I don’t normally do movie reviews on my blog but felt this one mandated one. The Wolf of Wall Street is a TRUE story about a drug and sex addicted egomaniac that will do anything to make the big money..and here’s why you should see it.

By the way, no video today! Sorry! I am up in Cleveland and don’t have my normal stuff with me.

Warning: Before You See The Movie

IF you are easily offended, and you know who you are, don’t see the wolf of wall street. It is pretty much non-stop nudity, cursing and drug scenes. No idea how this is only rated R but again, you WILL be offended if you are, well, again, you know who you are.

The only thing I would encourage the easily offended to understand is the movie is based on a true story and it was simply how reality was for Jordan Belfort (the main character played by Leo). The other source of contention is that the film is glamorizing someone who didn’t care at all that he was ripping people off. Well, the thing to consider there, that my buddy David Schwind pointed out, is some of the money Jordan makes from this movie is actually going to the victims.

Another warning, there are SOME spoilers in this review, I’ll try to keep to a minimum and still get to the lessons you should take away.

I have heard that some people are saying they aren’t going to see the wolf of wall street because it glamorizes the bad guy or that some of the victims are upset about it. Well, that is certainly your choice but if you are logical, you will see that watching the movie platoon doesn’t mean you condone war, watching the movie Scarface doesn’t mean you condone drug-dealing, watching any of the numerous true-life movies about serial killers doesn’t mean you are callous to the victims and watching the wolf of wall street doesn’t make you the devil. IF you are someone who truly cares about a better world, the BEST thing you could do is develop the mindset of thinking bigger so you could build a bigger company and serve the world at a higher level and, oh yeah, again, a portion of this movie profits do go to the victims via Jordan’s restitution. By the way, you CAN think big without breaking the law. OK, did we cover all the bases of offense?

Let’s dig into the meat…

Why, IF you are an Entrepreneur, Should go see the Wolf of Wall Street NOW

First of all, I read the wolf of wall street book years ago and it was pretty dang inspiring. One of the big questions I would assume people have is did Hollywood take a lot of liberties  with the story and the answer is shockingly, no. The movie is pretty dead on to what is in the book, now, did the BOOK take liberties? That we may never know but the book and movie are pretty congruent.

So why should you see this nudity and debauchery filled movie? Because it is a display of THINKING BIG. Again, not condoning ripping people off, doing drugs and adultery but there are a few key points in the movie that you can definitely pull away.

In the wolf of wall street they share how Jordan got his stock broker license and started working right at the time of the stock market crash in 1987 (no, he didn’t cause it lol), Lost his job and was looking through the paper to possibly take a regular job. His wife said “That isn’t who you are”. That’s powerful. I recall looking at the $300 in my bank account statement just a few years back and saying the same thing to myself. I’ve found that you HAVE to KNOW you are meant for great things.

Without giving away too much he then takes a job at a place selling crappy stocks and starts dominating the sales records. It is at THAT point that you should pay attention. He could have worked his way up the ladder at that job. Maybe he could even had bought it out or started two centers, that would be a logical progression right? Instead he starts his own company and proceeds to build an empire.

When should YOU step up? When do you look at what you are doing and instead of JUST doing more, doing it BIGGER?

Two More Lessons From the Movie

1. Culture. Jordan built a culture (or cult for short) of people that worked for him and LOVED him. He was the motivator, the inspirer, the conquering hero to his people. One thing that is better explained in the book than the movie is he wanted his people to have the same life he did, even though he knew they could not afford it. He wanted them fully in debt so they HAD to work hard (not the nicest guy right?). However, he made them feel important and a part of a movement and those are both keys to building culture.

2. The Next Level. He was always looking for the next level, there was no “we made it”, there was no “let’s slow down”, it was ALWAYS using success to fuel the next success. If you have ever felt stagnant in your career or business, you can use some of this.

Lastly, the wolf of wall street is hilarious. There are more than a dozen simply insane scenes that attack the senses. If you are an entrepreneur, I am willing to bet that you come out of this movie ready to DO something and also realizing how small you have been thinking. You’ll probably get home and plan out your 2014 and think just a little big bigger and for that reason, go see the movie.

Keep in mind, if you go and are offended, I did warn you! =)

Did you see the wolf of wall street? Would love to hear your thoughts, post a comment below!

To Your Abundance!

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