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IF you want to build your network marketing team, starting your new reps off right is critical, this will help!

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MLM Tips around Starting your New Rep

You have a brand new rep and what do you do with them? First of all, congrats. Congratulations on bringing someone new into this network marketing world. It’s a fantastic world if positioned correctly. I would find out a couple things.

Number one, I find out their expectations and I would also find out what is it that they actually want? This is very, very important because if you don’t understand either of those, kind of like a relationship, it’s set up for doom from the very start. If you don’t know what your significant other wants or what their expectations are and you just move forward and hope for the best, probably going to have some stumbling blocks along the way.

Make sure you find out what are their expectations. If you don’t know this, this is a big problem. Are they expecting to make $10,000 their first month and they’re only willing to put in 30 minutes a week? Then that’s a major problem. If they don’t hit that, because they won’t, then they’re going to be disappointed and they’re going to come to you and maybe blame you for something you didn’t even know.

What is it that they want? Now, a lot of times if you’re an alpha leader or if you’re someone that’s super goal oriented, etc. then you think everyone is just like you. You may think that everyone wants to reach the top rank, that everyone wants to be up on stage and everyone wants to build out a humongous team, make lots of money, have the fast cars, etc. and so forth. The fact is, that’s just not the case. Many people, if you talk about, “Oh man, you’re going to get up on stage. We’re going to rock this out.” You’ll stress them out. They don’t want to be on stage.

Now, you also want to once you find those out, their expectations and what they want, give them suggested courses of action. One of the major ones that you absolutely need to do and I would attempt to do this regardless of what their goals are, whether they just want to be a customer or be a user, I would encourage them to come to the next company event. This is a big deal. Big decisions are made at big events, and I’ve seen people that weren’t really that fired up come to a big event and come out guns a blazing. It came from the event, not from you. If you try to force that pressure, like the amount of belief that’s built at an event, it can come across as pushy. You want to be very careful with that.

In the below video we cover quite a few other suggestions for you to help your brand new rep, you may also have interest in our Home Business Fast Start CD that we suggest you get for your new reps. Sometimes hearing the exact same thing from some other source makes it sink in better than just coming from you but in that CD we cover the five major steps we suggest every new rep understand.

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